Victims – Alex – Chapter 22 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 22


Alex looked at him strangely, and sat on his sofa.

Frank locks his door and walked inside the living room “Alex, You want something?”

Alex looked at him “I am hungry, but you won’t give what I need”

Frank smiled and asked “On a diet or something? I’ll bring you some juice, just wait here”

Frank entered the kitchen and opened the fridge and took two bottles of juice.

Frank jumped to see Alex behind the Fridge door he sighs with a smile “I almost frightened” he turns and took a bottle opener and turns “here Alex” and found him in the hall again.

Frank confused whether he just saw him near by or not, he walked to hall “Here this is for you”

Alex collects the bottle. Frank sits at his opposite, the lights turned off.

Frank sighs “strange, I never had power cuts for years, just stay where you are Alex, I will get some candle lights for us.

Frank enters kitchen, lights his match, then he took a candle and light that too, someone blew the candle off. Frank lit it again and someone blew it off again.

Frank called “Alex? I need a little help”, the candle starts to lit itself Frank froze in shock seeing the candle lit up with out light, he turns to find Alex standing close to his face and saw a bottle coming to his head.

Gabi kept dialing Frank number, after multiple attempts the phone was answered

Gabi started “Uncle, It’s me Gabi, Is Alex there?”

Edwin asked “Gabi… Surprise….”

Gabi started to sweat “Edwin? is that you?”

Edwin continued “How about you keep yourself busy while I complete this”

Gabi yelled at him “Stop your silly game Edwin, If you have guts come to me I am at Benjamin house”

Edwin laughed “You are there on my list too, let me tell you my first victim Frank will die in some time and, next is Benjamin followed by you as you wish, so just wait alright?”

Edwin dropped the phone. Gabi started to run back to Marjorie’s place. While on her way back she phoned Bob

“Where are you Bob? Bob replied “On my way Gabi, in next 10 mins”

Gabi yelled “Come faster, Frank is going to die” Bob hung up the phone and asks the driver “Can you drive a little faster? ”

Frank opens his eyes to find Alex sitting in front of him. Frank felt like he was paralyzed Frank asked “what did you do to me?”

Edwin laughed “Hey Frank? Remember me”

Frank looks at his eyes “Is that?” Edwin nods “yes, Edwin Watts remember?”

Frank nods his head “But but… why are you, how?”

Edwin holds his throat “to pay some old dues Frank” Frank struggled to breath

Edwin smiled and took his hand immediately “I’m sorry, does that hurt? I hope this will not”. Edwin shows his hand and the knife came he cuts his wrist, Frank screamed in pain “Stop it …” Edwin looked at his face closely “it is so good to see you scream” and stabs the knife in his heart, Frank screams and loses his consciousness in pain.

Edwin grabbed his leg and slowly dragged to upstairs

Edwin stood in top of his house holding Frank on his shoulders and looked down, after an evil laugh in seconds he dropped Frank “Bye bye!”, Frank fell down above his car, blood starts to come out of his wrist and chest.

Edwin calls Alex’s Dad “Dad, I am waiting near the park, can you pick me up? Frank felt sick, so I just helped him go to sleep” Benjamin answered “Good Alex, ask him to take care, I am on my way to his house”

Edwin answered “To save some time I walked few km’s from his house now Dad, pick me up en route to the park”

Benjamin replied “Sounds great Alex, I am coming”

In moments Edwin in Benjamin’s car. Benjamin starts to drive home, Alex looked disturbed, Benjamin looked at him “Any problem Alex?”

Edwin turns his head slowly with a wicked smile, Alex face changed, Benjamin didn’t realize that, “Alex? what happened to you?” Benjamin startled the moment when Alex yelled in a scary voice “I am here to kill you” and in a flash Edwin holds the steering and pushed the gas peddle and takes out his knife and tried to stab him. Realizing the situation Benjamin immediately hold his hand and also tried to not to lose the balance of the car.

Bob and Gabi reached Marjorie place at same time, as soon they have reached,

Gabi and Marjorie as a team opens the board and starts their work, In moments they have entered spirit realm and performed the same again, it looked like the board starts to pull in lot of evil spirits from outside.

Bob looking at all the spirits he ran under a table and hid himself “That’s a lot of spirits” he commented under the table and closed his eyes.

Gabi and Marjorie both turned pale and their eyes turned black, both of them entered spirit realm, they both saw Edwin crying with his Mom in his lap, Edwin pleaded “Gabi help Alex, he just cuts his wrist,” He waved his hand and saw Alex cutting his wrist himself, Marjorie commented “don’t look at that Gabi just focus”.

Benjamin tried to save himself, while he was trying he lost the balance and drove on a ramp and the car turns upside down, Benjamin starts to bleed as his head hits on the roof top and lost his consciousness, In seconds Edwin starts to scream inside Alex body, Edwin tried to get out of the car but the seat belt stuck strongly it kept him in on hold, Edwin managed to take the knife again, but then Alex opens his eyes and tried to control his body and something pulled him like a wind, and Alex and Edwin screamed inside the car, and Edwin’s spirit was pulled out from his body in seconds.

Edwin reached the spirit realm “Show some mercy Gabi, look at me, I am burning, look at my skin, do I deserve this? I have saved your love, Alex is alive” Gabi ignored him and both of them kept chanting, and Edwin started to yell “I am going to kill Alex if you don’t stop this mess Gabi, there will be consequences, I am warning YOU!!” in moments a hand from the hell holds his leg, Edwin struggled to release from it, but then lot of hands holds him and pulled under the ground. There was a bright and sound lightning, and everything turns back to normal, there was dead silence. Gabi and Marjorie opens their eyes, Marjorie smiled “We did it” Gabi hugged Marjorie “Thank you so much Marjorie, I will never forget this”

Bob phone rings it was Alex “Bob, my dad is injured, I need your help”

Bob surprised and asked Gabi “It’s Alex, he is Alex right?”

Gabi smiled and replied “yes he is”

Bob then informed Alex “Call an ambulance Alex, I am on my way, txt me your location”

Alex replied “I will…” the phone disconnected

Gabi asked to Bob “What happened to his dad?”

Gabi was interrupted by a spirit that she had called before at Benjamin house “Frank is going to die, as you said I went to his place, I saw Edwin throw him from the top of his house”

Gabi mouth opened “What? Uncle Frank!!” Gabi starts to run out from the place..

To be continued…

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  1. Been off site for too long and I missed your recent posts 😦
    No worries tho , I finally caught with em’ all and as usual , I enjoyed reading this one very much. When’s the next one coming? I’m really excited for that 😀
    Great work , Simon!

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  2. Hey Shruti Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed these works, BTW tmrw Wil be a life lesson , climax of this part would be Monday Morning😉. Happy Blogging ✨ Have a wonderful weekend 🤗

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  3. Thanks for your time Sonia✨🤗 Yes, without her grandmom this would end up a mess. Have a wonderful weekend ✨💐🤗


  4. Yes Ribanna, finally the journey has come to an end for Alex.. next chapter is the last chapter of Alex ☺️🤗 Thank you for the continuous support🤗

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