Urge to search – Alex – Chapter 21 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 21

Urge to search

Everything turned dark..

And the lights turned on…..

The place was very calm, Gabi took out the knife and took a piece of cloth and tied herself, Bob looked at her, “Oh my god, who did that?” Bob ran towards her and helped her to tie the wound to stop blood loss.

Gabi covers that with her shirt and looked at the direction where Marjorie seated, She was on the floor with blood coming out from her arms. Gabi groans angrily “I am not going to leave this piece of devil”

Bob ran there and helped Marjorie to get up “Are you okay? looks like the cut is deep, I think you guys better go to a hospital”

Marjorie holds her arms tight and asked Bob “Do me a favor, Check that table and use that bandages and cotton to tie this up”

She asked “Are you okay Gabi? can you able to bring that board?”

Gabi calms her down “You need to go hospital first”

Marjorie stopped her “We can wait, Go and get the board first”

Gabi agrees and looked around, “Where is Alex? Alex!!”

Bob finished tying bandage in her arms and started to search outside and inside, Bob came back breathing heavily and adjusted his pants, “He is missing! he is not found outside too”

Gabi called Alex from her mobile, he did not answer

Bob asked Gabi’ “Did you hear Alex last call, He asked when did I asked you to wait? may be Edwin already called any one of them, and we were chatting with the spirit, while it was waiting for first victim”

Gabi agreed “Then each of us go to one’s place and find that out”

Marjorie got angry and asked “Then who will get the board? we have to finish this tonight”

Gabi replied “I’ll get that first thing Marjorie, But first, Alex should not get into any trouble”

Bob called Alex phone, it kept ringing but not answered. “He is not answering, Man, where did you go?” he said panicked, “What to do Gabi?”

Gabi asked a help from Bob and told him to bring the board and the guide from her room.

Bob asked “You are not coming? How can I break in your house?”

Gabi said “You are not breaking in, the keys are behind the flower pots, You have come this morning right? any problem?”

Bob nods “First, Ghost problem, Second, I don’t want to get arrested, What if Alex were there and tried to attack me? what if your mom comes and calls cop?”

Gabi stared at him angrily “She won’t be back home until mid night, Just go Bob, be serious, mean while I will try to go Alex and Frank house to find out where is he and let me handle him this time”

Bob asked “But what if you get attacked, you need someone to help you right?”

Gabi stared at him, Bob commented “I get that, I know how you handle it, I am leaving” He kept his hand on his cheek and turned around recalling the slap from her

Gabi said “okay i’ll quickly run and do something I can, while you go and get that board okay!” she started to run outside.

Bob stared at Marjorie adjusting his pants “What? don’t expect me to run like her, Can any one of you drop me? ”

Gabi while she was running, she tried to calculate the probabilities in her head, “Where Alex would be, who would he call first? Frank or Benjamin? this mad spirit will do anything”

She reached Alex’s house, she was tired and sweating, it was past evening. She rings the door bell, no one answered she kept knocking and calling for Alex, but none answered.

She walked down and sits there without a clue, she holds her head and was thinking whether to go call Uncle Frank’s house or do something else.

On the other side, Bob was offered a ride by one of Marjorie’s assistants.

Bob reached Gabi’s house. It was dark. He slowly walked inside her apartment. No one was there, not even lights.

It was scary, he kept seeing illusions of seeing Gabi, Alex, and Marjorie .

Bob managed to enter her house and reached her bedroom. He felt like there was someone sitting at the corner of her room.

Bob completely ignored the image and took the board and a box of coins and started to walk out.

Bob walked out of her house and kept walking, he hears someone following him, he did not turned as he was already scared, and continued to walk out from there.

Gabi on the other side relaxed and closed her eyes for a moment, people pass by looked at her strangely for the way she behaved out there. Gabi called one of the spirit that crossed by Alex’s house.

Gabi called “Hey!”

The spirit asked her “Me?”

Gabi nods her head. It looked like a middle aged man. It started to take a long time believing she is actually seeing him and calling him. It became excited “Did you just call me, I am so glad you can see me, you know I have been roaming here for quiet long, may I know where you are from?”

Gabi rolled her eyes “Hey! look at here, I need your help, did you see anyone possessed by one of you ghosts?”

It shrugs his shoulders “Possessed? Uhh…. I am trying to learn that trick for a really long time, would you mind teaching me how? I will do anything for you, deal?”

Gabi sighs “I can’t do that Okay? and Thank you for the kind offer! Bye!” Gabi lost her patience and cursed herself, the spirit started to follow her and then Gabi got an idea at that moment and said something, the spirit agreed to her and disappeared, Gabi takes out her phone and started dialing Alex again.

Phone rings… Attempt 1, 2, 3, no one answered. She started to search social media accounts and found Benjamin’s number, She called … it was ringing….. A man answered

“Hello! It’s Benjamin, May I know who is this?”

Gabi asked “Can I talk to Alex?”

Benjamin answered “he is at my friend house, Alex decided to go there tonight, so why don’t you try Alex number”

Gabi asked “He was not answering Uncle, Uh, may I know your friend name”

Benjamin answered “Frank”

Gabi exclaimed “oh shit!”

Benjamin was surprised with her reaction “What happened?”

Gabi managed “Uh, no. A cockroach here, chuckled, I’ll talk to him later Bye!”

Gabi quickly dials Franks number… it was only ringing…

On the other side, Alex now possessed by Edwin again already asked Frank to come and pick him near Marjorie place, Frank was not aware it is not Alex, he picked him near Marjorie place and Frank started to drive to his home. Frank opens his door and asked Alex to come inside “Yes Alex, what happened? you said we need to talk something important”

Alex smiled “Yes, after so many years I still got nothing much to say” and he started to take a tour inside his house.

Frank felt something strange in Alex’s voice and behavior, “We just met last week Alex, you could’ve said that on that night”

Alex looked at him strangely.

To be continued…

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  1. Things are slipping out of the hand just like the quicksand. And its turning dark. Keeping fingers crossed for everything to be all right.

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