Wind Chimes

Let me begin this story with a question.

How many of you have wind chimes?

Do you love the sound of it? I do, we all do, at least some of you, If you are not having one, get one.

Let me take you into the story

One of my neighbor next to my house, have vacated all of a sudden, without a notice. I entered the house as there was no one, I simply entered to check whether they have left anything, but they have not left anything, They took everything, The house is so neat I must appreciate the couple that stayed here for a year and kept this house so clean.

I happened to notice something above my head, there was a wind chime left hanging in the hall. I looked above and thought why did they left this alone. I removed the wind chime and attached at the entrance of my door, and felt happy that I got at least some thing, Last time I got an electric mosquito bat left by a tenant, this time wind chimes. The moment I enter my house the beautiful music of chimes, I started to like it, even after closing the door I could still hear the chimes in my ears. I asked my wife how is the chimes, she said it looked nice.

At that moment a puppy dog barked at me when I got down from my doorstep, I tried to call the puppy and give some biscuits but the dog barked and ran away, strange that he ran away from me that day, I use to give him some snacks everyday. he must have had a good dinner somewhere.

I finished my dinner and went to bed, the first day I had the chimes at my door, I had a strange dream of having chimes all over my roof, and I was blowing air to each wind chime to sing and I was listening in the middle sitting in a chair.

The second day I had the same dream and I happened to wake up at 1 am in the morning, I woke up to the noise of the wind chimes, my intuition felt something wrong. I looked around I felt like someone is watching.

I turned left my wife seems to be in deep sleep, in a blink of an eye I saw an image that sits watching me in the dark and in a blink its gone, I turned right in the dark I don’t want to wake up my wife, I felt scary at that moment. I slowly got up and walked close to the thing that looked like cat at the right, I am sure I don’t own a cat, but what was that I saw I wanted to know, and I walked close to it and touched it to find, it’s nothing but a pile of clothes, I looked at my wife, and rolled my eyes.

I took a deep breath and had a glass of water from the bottle I had next to bed and came back to my bed. I heard the wind chime again, I somehow like that chime music. I tried to sleep back. All of a sudden someone holds my cover and yelled close to my face “COME TO ME” and kicked me out of the bed. I woke up in shock and sweating my heart beat noise was clearly heard outside that night, because it was that dark and peaceful, everything felt scary, even the moonlight by the window.

I prayed to god this should be a dream and had a glass of water again and I calm myself, I went to sleep again this time, I hugged my wife in fear and closed my eyes. I heard the wind chime again, I closed my eyes tight, someone holds my neck tightly and came close to my ear “YOU WANT ME TO SING OR NOT” and the moment I turn back, I couldn’t see anyone. The wind chimes again. I was scared and I didn’t sleep that whole night, I kept my eyes open and looked around until morning, two times I heard come to me, and each time I turned white and closed myself in bed overs.

When my wife woke up she looked at me like saw a ghost and left without a word, and I didn’t react. I was confused when I recalled what happened last night. My wife went out of the bedroom, I heard the wind chime again, my eyeballs almost came out when I heard that wind chime again, I started to sweat and I slowly sneak walk out of my bedroom walking backwards looking at the room up and down. As I came out of my room and turn back, something moved away from behind. I looked left and right, I swear something was behind me, but found nothing. I took out the tooth brush and started brushing looking at the mirror, I noticed something inside the apple of my eye.

I was standing next to the wind chimes and pushing it to sing, I kept looking at it and froze. I startled and jumped when my wife touched me and asked why I was staring at the mirror, I said nothing and washed my face and looked again, I could see a wind chime in the apple of my eye. I took the towel and closed my eyes to wipe the water drops on my face, I heard something and opened my eyes, it stopped. I closed my eyes again and it continued come to me, I’ll sing for you. I opened my eyes again , I heard the wind chime again, I called my wife to ask whether she heard the wind chime, she replied, she have not heard, not even once from the day I hangs this, I quickly walked out to my entrance and looked at the wind chime.

I pushed it, it didn’t make any noise. I shook it, it didn’t make any noise. I looked closely to find the wires strangled a bit which makes the rods couldn’t move. I corrected it and pushed this time, It was perfect, the wind chimes again. I stood there doing same thing like for some ten minutes. My wife yelled at me, ENOUGH!. I came out of trance, I looked at her and asked why did she shout?, she asked me why was I keep doing that thing, I asked what? she replied I was moving the wind chimes to sing again and again
I froze the moment she said that, I looked above, It is definitely something scary, I quickly undid it and packed in a cover and I told her I wanted to get rid of it. My wife replied that’s a good choice. I took the wind chime and dropped in a garbage bin while I commute to office.
3rd day night I reached my home and washed my face, nothing happened abnormally after I moved out the wind chime. My wife asked whether I wanted another wind chime, I looked at her and said not now, may be some other day. That night, I slept peacefully.

Next day morning I woke up and walked out of my room brushed my teeth and washed my face, and the moment I looked at my face in the mirror, I saw something in the middle of my eye, a wind chime, I heard that again, I froze, I started to sweat, I walked out of my house and looked up, there was no wind chime, but I heard it. How? I came to my mirror and looked my eyes in the mirror, I was sitting in a chair and pushing the wind chime, I kept hearing the wind chime, I closed my eyes, I couldn’t stop hearing it.

I rushed to my bathroom and closed the door and opened the shower, it kept ringing in my ears, I holds my head, closed my ears, and nothing changed I shook my head like a crazy monkey, left and right and I lost balance and I slipped.

When I woke up I was inside the wind chime, I was sitting inside a rod. I tried to scream, I tried to move, It didn’t move, I looked around, I cried for help, No one came, I was in a garbage bin.

I prayed for someone to take the wind chime, an old man before clearing up the garbage, noticed the wind chime, his face glows up when he took the wind chime and heard the noise. I screamed, no one could hear, I am sure this old man is not going to hear this. But I know what he is going to face. When I said “Help me” the wind chimes, the old man started to like the music. After that I decided to figure out a way to get out of that wind chime, Luckily, the moment he took the wind chime inside his truck, I woke up in the hospital.

I decided not to have any wind chimes for now.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Wind Chimes

  1. That’s a compliment πŸ₯° Thank you Jessie for your time, I’m glad I could able to scare people πŸ˜‰πŸ€“βœοΈ Have a wonderful day βœ¨πŸ’

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