Date night

Kathy was driving her car on that day, it’s an old mustang. It was bright sunny day. Kathy car speed touched 150 mph at the straight highway. All of a sudden Kathy’s lost her balance as she couldn’t control her brakes the car started to slide on the road like a car slides in a frozen road. Everything happened in seconds. Kathy car rolled offside the road and stopped as it stuck between two trees.

Kathy’s airbag saved her, But the car door hit her hard and a piece pierced her right rib and stuck deep. When she tried to move, she yelled in pain and very soon she lost her senses.

Everything became dark. Kathy woke up to the strange noise as she slowly opens her eyes to find her in a dark dungeon. Kathy’s heart beats faster as she tried to move the pain from her rib cage hit her brain again, Kathy struggled to breath, that’s when she could see a masked men in a surgical mask, pulled something from her rib. she cried from pain, the masked man reacted like he didn’t hear anything from her, She could feel the blood ooze out from her skin. Kathy was still in her dress, but her hands tied to a soft leather belt which did not hurt when she struggled she couldn’t move but what he did caused so much pain. Kathy only cried from pain as she could not remember anything at that moment.

The masked man puts a chair in her front and watched her scream and cry, but there was no reaction from the stranger, after few moments Kathy lost her senses as she kept losing blood from her rib, after about few hours she woke up again to find some glucose needles in her right hand, she looked at the masked man again, this time she cried what does he wants from her? the masked man did not replied anything but looked at her rib cage closely and pulled a skin and took a surgical needle and started to stitch without talking. Kathy cried again in pain, as she has no control over there, she requested the masked man to kill her not to torture her. But he came close to her eyes and stared for a while as you wish, no more pain , in few minutes you are going to live forever she couldn’t understand what does he meant.

Kathy started to shiver, the masked man started to insert another needle on her left hand and started to inject blood. Tired of crying Kathy silently watched as she prepared herself to the upcoming pain. Kathy slowly started to feel dizzy. The masked man came close to her and turns her head and he did something behind and a thud noise in seconds she gone black.

When she woke up she was pulled up in a helicopter and in a few moments she gone unconscious again.

Kathy hears her mom sobbing, she found herself in a hospital with her mom sobbing sitting next to her, she couldn’t move, the masked man and a nurse came close to her and gave an injection to her.

Kathy could hear only what he was talking doctor told her mom, Thank you Mam, we will take her to proceed further procedure, Organs once removed will be sent to respective hospitals for the required patients, Don’t think your daughter is no more, she is going to live forever. Kathy’s mom cried aloud when the doctors pulled her from bed, When Kathy heard this she was in deep shock as she could not even able to scream or move or cry, she is trapped inside her own body, which means she is physically dead, mentally alive, the masked man closed her eyes with his hand and she could not react to anything. All she could hear was all the sounds and people talking around, for only sometime.

Kathy never died in an accident, but some stranger saved her and then caused something that made her a “vegetable” so doctors decided to request her mom for organ donation, Her physical parts are still functioning on earth, We just not sure who has her parts. She said this story long ago, But I just wanted you to know her story, and I will share my story soon, And we both were having our first date last night in our souls world, You must have heard some noise last night in your front door, that was me and Kathy. Don’t get panic. You got a beautiful house, we will stay here only for someday, just our date nights together, Hope you don’t mind.

Thanks for reading πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Date night

  1. πŸ˜‰ Travelled through a dead brain πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ Thought what if all the brain dead people are not really dead in brain πŸ˜‰ Hope that concept worked a bit, I want to end it sweet ☺️ ✨ Hope I did that didn’t I πŸ˜„πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

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