Life Lesson – Vers 24 – Reaction

There is a saying “Anger doesn’t solve anything, it builds nothing, and destroys everything”

We get upset at lot of situations and react, and our reactions does nothing good, be it anger, or be it be it agony.

A negative reaction to something that upset you is not the answer for your problem.

Let me take you through some daily day to day life reactions.

Honking a car horn when the signal is red doesn’t going to help to change the signal turn green, it only turns green when it needs to.

Beating a kid for it’s mistakes is not going to change what it did, You only need to make the kid realize it’s mistakes by explaining it, by yelling and beating a kid is not going to change anything.

Skipping your food because you got hurt, and making your stomach suffer for food does not going to change what hurt you..

Staying awake all nights thinking of the past and future, is not going to help, it will only make your health worse, and it impacts your future, so nothing good is going to happen.

Having an anxiety attack by worrying and thinking too much about something that you need to face, is not going to change what you need to face, You must face it.

Speeding  up your car or bike while commuting to your workplace or your way to study when you are angry or when you are late is not going to help you, but it can only kill.

Being rude, abusive, assault is not an answer for many situations, it only hurts.

There is still lot more to highlight. Isn’t it weird how human adapted to such strange habits when they get upset? Where is this inspiration came from?

What you are doing when you get upset is, something you have seen or heard in your past or from a movie or a story. So if you do the same mistakes what your elders or the fantasy people did, the future created by you will take you as an example and you will be a reason, just like your elders for what is about to happen in coming years.

So next time when you get upset, take a deep breath and do nothing for sometime, express your anger when you are calm. Let yourself relax first before you wanted to do something, so that you can clearly think something which would give a better result.

Stay positive, be positive, and let’s create some positive behaviors when we get upset.

Thanks for reading 😀🤗💐✨


5 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Vers 24 – Reaction

  1. Hi Ribanna, Thanks for sharing your experience too, I’ve lost my patience many times and nothing solves, I won’t say I’m a cool person, but controlled it 😉 Have a beautiful Friday ✨💐

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