Sugar Candy

Today is the last day to post this story in a website for a competition, Unfortunately I couldn’t able to do it. I have escalated, sent a private message to the team, nothing is going to change as I won’t be able to upload the story. Wish the team fix such bugs before they announce such competitions.

Special thanks to my motivator and Author Jessica.E.Larsen  for the timely help.

Also credits goes to an author for the last line of this story, I made this story from this spark line, Hope that author would read this story, as I forgot which blog I read this, couldn’t update her name.

So here it is for you, Enjoy reading.

Sugar Candy

The word kept ringing in my head when I tried to cross the road “Always have some chocolate or sugar candy in your hand”. I shook that moment, I searched for the sweet chocolates and I realized I forgot it.

I looked left and right, the signal clearly said to cross the road as I walked a few steps back, the world spin; there I lost my consciousness in the middle of the road.

The moment I woke up, I felt like heaven. Someone holding my arms saying “I don’t know him, I saw him on the road unconscious.” I realized she helped me. The curly hair, the white skin and her picture-perfect face, her thin curved eyebrows behind the cat eye glass frame and her blue color tops and white legging with a small heel, I still remember that day.

In a few moments I lost my consciousness and got up about an hour later. I got up in shock and searched for her, it was a general ward, I was with all other patients in a common room. My eyes kept searching, but I couldn’t find her. I slowly removed the glucose needle and called the nurse. I told her I am perfectly fine and asked her if she saw the girl that took me here.

She replied “You should not roam around please stay back for some time”

I replied “Nurse I am perfectly fine, I need to know about the girl took me here”

Nurse replied “as soon she dropped you here some elderly person came and took her back home”

“Did she mention her name?” I asked.

The nurse shook her head, “No,” that moment I felt like the worst moment of life; I still could remember her face like a dream. With disappointment, I walked out of the hospital.

I requested my boss to put me in fieldwork, and I started my search to find her. I felt like it’s destiny. The moment I saw her face I decided she would have to be wife.

I felt empty, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, and the vision kept running on my head. I turned my disappointment into a positive energy and focused on my work. It was exactly a year after I joined the field team and got promoted; I got a surprise from my HR.

It had an envelope which I thought would be my appraisal letter. I unwrapped a cover and that is full of chocolate bars with a small note “and the note says “Your job pressure might be high, but your pressure seems to be low, keep these sugar candy chocolates. From HR team”

I kept the sugar candy cover in my bag and cursed my HR friend who works at another branch “as a friend I told him, looks like he spread the news to entire HR team” As I packed my laptop and got ready to go out of office, I got a call from my dad, “We got a girl picture, she is so beautiful, shall we go meet her this weekend?”

“Dad! I don’t want to marry anyone, please leave me,” I answered.

Dad snapped. “Stop your nonsense, I have been asking you to marry for about a year and you always avoid, we are losing a lot of good alliances “

“Dad! I don’t want to talk about it now, I have work to do.” I hung up the phone.

I have been searching for her almost a year now. I have searched entire city, My manager promoted me saying I cover the entire city allocation, It was funny how my search helped in career, I met many customers in last one year, but one thing never changed, her face, I will never forget it.

Another day, I found another HR letter on my desk, I opened it, there was a quote printed “nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity – Team HR” I turned back the letter, it was about a product to invest, I thought these HR team should focus on go green instead of sending such letters to employees.

I got a call again from my dad, “We got to call the same alliance again, they are very much interested in you.”

“Dad! I am not going to say this again, don’t call me regarding this again,” I hung up.

My search continued. It was now 6 months after promotion when I got a letter from the HR again “Last chance to grab the offer – Team HR” same product.

I shook my head in disappointment and put back the letter inside my bag and walked home.

As I reached my room, I saw lot of slippers and shoes outside my house. I entered the house to find my dad and mom, and my brother came from native. I dropped my bag, “What are you doing here?”

This time my dad definitely wanted to go to that girl house. I wanted to run away, but my dad and mom convinced me somehow and took me to that place.

I was scrolling my Instagram feeds, and they called the girl. I turned off my screen and found a girl standing in front of me, I slowly raised my head, the perfectly arranged pleats in a golden silk saree and with a coffee tray and some chocolate bars and my eyes stood still when I saw the same girl, I start to sweat, and she whispered “Last chance to grab the offer, take the coffee”

I slowly took the cup of coffee and drank it; I was cool until that moment. The moment I saw her I got nervous and my hands trembled when I took each sip of coffee. My dad whispered me, “Do you like her?” I said, “What question is this? I love her!” I whispered back.

After giving coffee she went back to her room, my eyes kept searching for her. The elderly people exchanged the plates as a sign of accepting the alliance, and they discussed the date for engagement and decided to fix the date marriage date later.

Me and my parents came out, my soul stayed there in her house. I sat in the back of the car when my dad looked at me “See, didn’t I told you, you will like her.”

With a small smile in the corner of my lips I nodded “What is her name?” I asked him.

My dad raised his eyebrows, which clearly said he didn’t ask. I shook my head at disappointment, took a deep breath and sent my parents back to the native.

Next day I went to my cabin a note again “Thanks for choosing the best plan ever, this will be a lifetime plan, T & C apply – Team HR” I stood again, I know she is here I started searching for her inside the office, but couldn’t find her.

I called up my friend and asked about the newly joined HR names, and all were men. I felt bad to ask my friend about girls that work in this office, as I don’t even know her name I don’t want him to think I am searching a girl.

The phone rings “Wrong question, I am not new, I have been in this company before you,” my heart beat rose again “What is your name?”

She said, “Nisha”

The moment I hear that I froze for a moment, I asked her for a date, she asked me why I didn’t read my first letter, I quickly searched my bag and opened it and found out it was not my appraisal letter it was her letter, it said she was in love with me and she badly wanted to know me personally from the day she got my picture in alliance a year ago, it was an invitation for a date, I cursed myself how did I missed such opportunity.

That evening, when I left office, she waited outside my office for me, while I met her in the eyes for my first date she shared her part of story that because I chose field team, I lost the chances to meet her in that branch office and because of that she started sending letters.

The moment she completed I have shared my part of story and she kept her hand on heart and asked “how good I am maintaining my low pressure”, I told her, it is good, because she was my sugar candy inside my heart all these days to keep my pressure steady.

The day we hold our hand together and walked out of office and happily ever after story began.

Grandpa “Can we have a one line about your love after you have met?”

It’s marriage, children/no children, family, grey hair, wrinkled eyes, walk stick, still together with the same person. As I complete this I kissed her and she blushed and commented “stop doing this in front of kids” the kids laughed.


Thanks for reading… 😍


19 thoughts on “Sugar Candy

  1. Hi Jessie ✨ I’ve tried till the last date, even after tweet messages nobody did respond sadly, my bad. Wish I could publish this somewhere else 🙄 Anyway 4 to 5 people read it and is more than enough 😍 Let’s Hope one day the world will turn back our stories 😉✍️ Thanks for your support 🥰 Have a beautiful weekend ✨💐

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  2. That sound terrible about nobody replying to you and yes, a few people is better than nobody at all. There are a couple of free sites to post fictions and basically any creative work. The biggest is Wattpad. Inkitt is also nice, the site is beautiful. I’m a member of both sites but I took a break from posting because you know… life

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  3. I’m a member of all links you have shared so far 😉 Plus I am already a Wattpad reader too ☺️ and I did post my first ever story over there 😁 The last website you referred has already started a competition, Which I couldn’t participate and I wish to participate in all other too, but we both know there is something we can’t avoid… Reality🙄 Life in real is not easy as Fantasy 😄 Have a good day 🤗🤔 or is it night 😉 good night too

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  4. Wonderful story Simon! Sorry I’m late as usual, just can’t seem to keep up with real time! You’re always running faster than me! Keep up with your writing Simon, I really enjoyed this one! Have a great evening.😁😸🌙

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  5. Hi Steve, Thank you for the lovely compliment 🥰😍 Feeling good to get appreciation from you🤗 Glad you liked it, Yes I’ll definitely amaze you with my writings ✨😉 More to Come 🤗

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