Life Lesson – Vers 23 –Let it go

“Let It Go” – Just three words.

This three words can do wonders, Believe me.

Right now, this moment there are lot of things happening around the world. It can be positive, it can be negative, it can be emotions, it can be hate, it can be a huge loss, and it can be anything. But are you holding on to it?

If you said “Yes”

Every one of us is having a problem, every one of us having a commitment, every one of us had the worst day of life, every one of us had that pain in the heart, every one had their own worst night mares and daily troubles.

Holding back something is only holding YOU back doing something bigger.

Life will always throw shit at you, let it go, because letting the grudge haunt your present is only destroying you and takes away all good things that was about to happen to you.

We all have come through terrific pain, which will be really really hard to move on, it can be a huge loss, I do understand the pain, It will be tough to move on, a drop of tear says it all, but don’t keep doing it. Look around, each of them have their own story of terrific past and terrific loss. If you think you are the worst suffering, there are lot more you didn’t see yet.

Let it go, all your pains, grudges, past mistakes. The moment you take a deep breath and let go of things that pulls you down in your life, you will start seeing the differences.

We all are here in this short beautiful journey to taste something exciting called “Life” – Let’s go get a Life.

If you can’t do anything about it, then LET IT GO. don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change – Tony Gaskins

Let it go… Thanks for reading..




13 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Vers 23 –Let it go

  1. Wise words Simon! Life is short and is indeed useless to be stuck in something that we can’t control…whatever happens, good or bad experiences, we always must go on!
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday! 🤩🤩

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  2. Yes indeed Simon, it’s important to let things go or they will ruin our lives and make us miserable people. Let it go and move on and we will grow, become better and live our lives in a beautiful way. Have a great day Simon!

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  3. The sun is shining now so it feels a bit better but still on the cool side.😁🌞 The appointment was about my muscle injury. It has been bothering me more again so wanted to find out more. Not good news for that.😕😳 So I guess my cleaning gets stopped for now. 😬Still keeping up with my walking though. Might need more physiotherapy. I need x-rays on my knee, hip and femur bone to see if there is lack of cartilage or perhaps arthritis that is causing extra strain on that muscle. But a torn muscle never fully heals, so I might be stuck with this the rest of my life. However, with therapy it can help other muscles take over more so I won’t need that torn muscle so much.👍 But I will need to be more careful when out walking my river path later this spring when the snow is gone.😳🙄 Might have to use a cane from now on too. Sigh.😕 But at least I can keep walking,🚶‍♂️ so that’s a good thing! Always look at the positive!😃😺🌞 I just have to learn to be more careful when I do things. That’s the hard part!😂🙄

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  4. Hi Steve, Some lessons are hard learned, Hey good news is you can still walk ☺️😉 A very good piece of advice Steve, Always look at the positive side and let’s be careful while walking and working ✨ Don’t you worry, the physiotherapy is going to help you a lot to get better than ever before and you can walk by the rivers, please follow your scheduled appointments and take care, take good foods that can heal your muscles ASAP 😉 🤗Take care 🥰

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  5. Yes indeed, I will be following the advice closely and doing the exercises regularly. Even if I don’t get back to where I was, at least I’m still walking, just have to be more careful with it. My doctor suggested a good pair of hiking shoes would be best🤔 so I bought some and I can really feel the difference when I walk.😁🚶‍♂️ So I hope that will help too. Yes, eating properly too, which is amazing for me!😂😹🙄

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  6. Truly profound! Pain is an inevitable and essential part of our life, and it only makes us stronger. But for that we must let go. Let go of the constant self- blaming and hating, let it all go. I’ve learnt that from you today. Thank you so truly ❤

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  7. Hi Niharika! Glad it helped you learn something new 🥰✨ Let it go, and be free! Don’t be a prisoner of your own thoughts and feelings. Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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