Be careful what you wish for

It was a summer night, late night from the office our character Mr. Vego was coming in his bike. There he saw a beautiful shining golden pen from some distance. The pen looked like a real gold. Greedy Vego stopped his bike in the middle of the road, he looked left and right and there was no one. He took the pen that was hanging on a little plant on the highway. The pen shined like a real gold which attracted his eyes.

He kept the pen in his pocket and started to drive. He reached his home at 12 am. He looked at his watch and rolled his eyes. He fed up of his boss, his boss is the reason why he came so late and he comes every night like that. Even though his boss agree him to come late to office, this bachelor’s dedication was too much that he reached office everyday on same time sharp by 9:30 am.

He removed his shoes and entered his room. That was a small room with just a room and a bathroom. Except his clothes you can’t find nothing, not even a penny. He took the pen out of his pocket and tried to write in his hand, it didn’t write anything. He tried to open it to refill the pen with ink but he couldn’t open. He switched on his ceiling fan and cursed his boss, he wished “Wish he could never come back to office” and looked at his pen and decided to think about the pen tomorrow and kept it beside the bed and closed his eyes.

When he woke up, there was a paper on his bed, which he didn’t notice at the time he woke up, He looked at his phone, there was no message from his boss in whatsapp group, not even regular update on the tasks to be done. He was amazed how could this man be so silent. He looked at the calendar it was not even Sunday, He was glad that his boss didn’t disturbed anyone in group. He took a deep breath and looked at the pen.

That shine he saw, it was glowing again, it looked so attractive, he felt that this pen must be some 24 karat gold and tried to open again. Which he failed. He started to brush his teeth and went outside had a cup of tea in a local tea shop and came back to his room. That was his time to take bath, he took one final look at his pen he decided to sell it, and wished “Wish I could never go back to office and stay free forever” and took a deep breath kept the pen on bed, and decided to sell it and went inside the bathroom.

He came out refreshed and took his brief to wear and wore his shirt and tried to look at his mirror to comb his hair.

He came again from bathroom, refreshed and took his brief to wear and wore his shirt and tried to look at his mirror to comb his hair.

He came again from bathroom, refreshed and took his brief to wear and wore his shirt and tried to look at his mirror then realized he was doing the same thing for some time.

He started to breath heavily and turned around and touched himself to check whether he is alive. Is he alive?

He noted there were two papers on his bed.

He opened one paper and it written “Wish he could never come back to office

There was a notification on his phone, he tried to grab it, but he couldn’t touch anything except the paper, but he could able to see what notification has come in his mobile display “Pray for our beloved boss Mr. George who suddenly passed away last night due to cardiac arrest- RIP “.

He got frustrated and opened the second envelope “Wish I could never go back to office and stay free forever” He jumped to see his wish on the second paper and screamed “What? NO! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?”.

He tried to take the golden pen but he couldn’t even touch it. He threw away both the papers and both disappeared in the air.

He went back to bathroom and tried to take a mug of water to wash his face, he couldn’t, but then he saw some one lying inside the bathroom, his heart started to beat faster

He tried to look closer and realized the man in the bathroom is dead and it’s him, his face covered with blood.

He screamed “NOOOOOO!!! ”

The golden pen disappeared..

Poor Vego, what he did for this awful end, Wish the author is not deliberately cruel, or was his imagination is like that? dark? ask him πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading… πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for stopping by Ribanna πŸ€— Yes, it was a bit Cruel 😸 When we know we are the creators why not create everything we wanted πŸ˜„ Thanks for the compliment βœ¨β˜ΊοΈπŸ’

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