A strange little girl

It was an evening, I was walking down my street with my dog. A little girl jumped out of by the bushes and scared me. We both laughed. We both looked at each other like we have met before.

I asked the little girl name and found out her name is Alicia

What a coincidence, my name is Alicia too. I asked her what she is she doing inside the bushes. She said there is a small strange world that I might be interested to look into it. What could it be that can excite me in the bushes ?. I asked her to take me inside. And there I jumped inside the bushes just like Alicia did. It felt like a minute we were floating and we landed on my door step.

I was shocked how did I landed up on my door step with this little girl, I looked at her and asked that. She was cool and winked at me and asked me to get inside the door. As I opened the door, It was me sitting on the sofa watching the television.

The kid told me they can’t see any of us, I asked her why. She replied it’s a rare choice she gives to some important good people in this earth. She watched the other me and said, don’t miss it, this is going to be interesting.

I turned my head and watched myself there inside my house sitting. My dog was on my lap. My husband is polishing his duty shot gun and my daughter was inside her room. All of a sudden she screams Mummy! and ran fast on the stair case and as soon she reach the ground floor her skirt tripped her leg and she fell on her Dad. My husband accidentally lost his control and shot his shot gun where the bullet straight away hit the gas line of our kitchen and soon the cylinder gets blasted, I saw the fire flame slowly reaching all of us in seconds, like a slow motion movie.

In a flash I am outside the bushes with my dog. I looked around I didn’t see anyone. Alicia is gone. I tried to jump on the bushes again and I stood there. The lawn owner was looking at me from her window, with embarrassment I walked back to my house.

I opened my door and found my husband cleaning his gun and I was about sit back and relax and then everything came back to my head. I quickly ran upstairs and went and sat with my daughter. She stopped drawing a face, I asked her to go ahead and complete. She did and shows the face to me, I whispered Alicia. My daughter said she named this little girl as Alicia. And the girl in the picture winked at me. I dropped the paper and hugged my daughter in shock.

Alicia came out of the paper and stood in front of us, She said she came from this picture and tried to see my daughter and play with her, but then the things have turned up bad, so she decided to take me at that moment of time and correct her mistake. She thanked me and said she loves my daughter. Also she said, she will come again one day to play with my daughter. Before I ask her who is she and why she want to meet my daughter again, she disappeared.

My daughter out of shock asked me do I know her. All I said is she is a strange little girl called Alicia, and also I told my daughter not to be afraid of her, she is a friend.

Till date I have no idea who she is and what is her purpose is, I tried to jump at the same bushes again, but I saw a board keep your feet off from grass and bushes, I was standing there for sometime and the house owner were staring at me from window. I stopped walking on that side.

Now I have lot of questions about the bushes, what had happened at my house and who is this strange little girl and lot more questions on my mind.

Thanks for reading.


14 thoughts on “A strange little girl

  1. Hi Ribanna, I would say it too ☺️😉 Plus Alicia said the same to her daughter too ✨🥰 Thanks for your time reading ✨🤗 Have a wonderful Week ✨🤗

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  2. Hi Jessie ✨☺️ Thanks for Reading 🤗 Glad you liked it 😄☺️ And thanks for the supporting words. And.. 🙄 sause on my noodles again 😂😜 I’ll surely Check out teacher ☺️ Have a beautiful Weekend ✨💐 and Happy Mother’s Day ✨🥂💐

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  3. It was an extended work from home Steve, realised whatever i worked had an error at 12 am 🙄 and slept without a choice and without completing it 😄 Hope you are bed by now… Good Night Steve & Muffy 🤗

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