Life Lessons – Vers 17 – Influence


Why influence?

Having a capacity to influence a character is good isnt it? And in a more positive way is definitely good for us as well as others too. Yes, i am talking about Influence, influencing more with positivity. But why this is necessary because we are surrounded with negative pieces.

What makes your surrounding completely negative ?

In the world full of busy people with negative mindsets around, we as a human tend to attract to the negativity around and we easily get influenced by negativity. Resulting to find the alien diesease across us Humans, diseases such as depression, anxiety, pressure, over reaction to things that doesn’t needed an attention. When something doesn’t need an attention and we over react to that, because we have been negatively influenced without our consent and gradually we end up becoming one of them.

How do you avoid negative influence?

Beware, beware of the people that influence you into negativity. Let me give you a short example, When you can’t do something, or when you hate something, this piece of character will come and start making you feel that things you can’t do is like impossible, when you hate something they will make you hate that even more, these piece of characters are mostly complainers. They complain, complain about everything, they can find 1000 faults in a perfectly stuffed tacos and literally they will make you hate the tacos. God i want to have a tacos now. Mummy!!!!

Create Positive influence

When someone is around you feeling down, boost them with positive feeling, encourage them, motivate them and make themselves feel proud of themselves. Stop complaining about yourself and things around you. Start seeing everything in a good way, find good in everything, as the goodness is always around you. When you start seeing everything positive so does others around you get influenced with your positive vibes. You indirectly influence people and you make them believe they can do anything.

So how do you like to influence others, good or bad? Positive or Negative?

I’m sure your answers are always towards good and Positive vibes. Let’s not just stop here with reading and start acting positive and influence others for good.

Thanks for reading. ☺️


4 thoughts on “Life Lessons – Vers 17 – Influence

  1. I’m not an influencer but I hope I can spread some smiles and positivity 😊
    Very true words Simon! If we surround ourselves with negative people we will become negative too…we don’t need this in our life! Life is too short! We need happiness and positivity! Be positive and good things will come your way πŸ˜‰πŸ’•
    Have a great day!

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  2. Thanks Saania, Thank you for stopping byπŸ₯° I should be honest here, I’ve never been such a character I’m almost invisible to the society which I’m obviously not proud of, but i motivate people, it’s a energizing vibe that i could able to share with people. Thanks for sharing 😍 Glad to know about you, I love such people like you and admire your positivity.πŸ₯°


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