Life Lesson – Vera 16 – Hatred is a diesease

Hi Readers,

Hope you all are ready for the busy Monday. Well not me šŸ™„ I’m working all 7 days this week.

Literally yes, I’m working still šŸ˜‰ now i can call myself Workaholic isn’t it šŸ˜.

This is Topic i ve been waiting to post for a really long time. Thanks to Saania Sparkle left her sparkle and here I’m finishing this work.

I’m going to write about Hatred.

Hatred – intense dislike.

Hatred, you can have hatred towards a food or a person or an entire community. But that’s completely your point of view, and it is only YOU didn’t like it. It doesn’t mean you can spread it.

This is what I’m going to write about.

People have hatred and they spread it to their kids, which is VERY wrong. Sorry about the yelling part.

I happened to talk to a woman. We were talking about a movement that has been formed recently by the government to make the citizenship more safe and secure, obviously yes there are flaws, which made a certain community mad, they started to protest on street, caused huge traffic.

And this woman were accusing that particular religion and their entire race and community, because of them only this movement has been formed by the government and they must leave the country. I was like WHAT? What is she blabbering šŸ™„?

I asked her again to understand her point more clearly, she was indeed blabbering.

My country is one of the diverse country and we live peacefully with mixed religion and beliefs. The way she told me will break that diversity among people. She was proud that she thinks that way and she is proud her son also feels that way and her family did it too.

Here, i blame her father only. Her father must’ve been fed this hatred feeling against a race, religion and community on this woman. And she follows the same and also teaches her son to follow the same. That HATRED is not good at all, and it Is not to be spread!

I started to argue with this woman, how could she say that. How could she blame an entire religion for terrorism? I shot her questions after questions and i started to accuse her religion and my religion and i told her one thing, if she doesn’t know something better stop talking about it and stop spreading this hatred feel among people. She has her own opinion, and that opinion hurts a major population of the country and she discussed about it so boldly in public. She is a woman and i couldn’t able to land my fist on her cheek bones. Then i realised i should encourage violence.

I told her straight away, if you talk about this in public, i promise you, you’ll be in Danger. People react to such situations in my country. When someone is spreading Hatred that’s it, they’ll become viral on social media.

If you have a belief, of if you still beleive that a certain religion, or race or a community is a reason for something, stop thinking like that way. Just because some human did something wrong doesn’t mean you can hate his entire community. It is him the only person did it, hate only HIM. Not the community or his religion..

Let’s begin this new year with lots of love, and let’s forget all the hatred feeling we have. Hatred is a diesease, stop spreading it.

Hate, IT has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet – Maya Angelou

Thanks for reading my favourite quote and hopefully you have read my post too.šŸ˜‰

Happy Monday! āœØšŸ’