Jeremiah – Part 15 – Wesley’s true face

At Jeremiah’s house
Katy had completed the business tour and was so happy to be back to home for next three days. She made plans to stay happily with Jeremiah. She calls him up and updates she will reach home at night and asked him to surprise her.

Wesley answers the phone and his face turned into full of smiles.

He walked inside the house for sometime walked here and there and found some candle and started to decorate inside his bedroom and started to spray some fragrance spray to his room. He was completely lost himself in a romantic mood.

That’s when Joey stood there watching him.


Wesley stood up shocking “uhh… What?”

Joey looked at him “which school did we study?”

Wesley smiled “we studied a long time ago isn’t it? Ha ha ha, yeah I’ll say that.. uh… why are you asking this?”

Joey looked at him strangely “No I suddenly wanted to ask”

Wesley replied “I’m in a good mood right now, I’ll do onething we will discuss same thing tomorrow, alright?”

Joey holds his hand “No Jeremiah, you say it now”

Wesley slowly turns and rubbed his neck “Take your hands my dear friend”

Joey holds his hand tighter now “why Jeremiah? Any problem? when I hold your hand?”

A trigger, Wesley turns back to his old cruel self, lost his patience. In a swing motion he freed himself from the grip of Joey and he pushed himself out of the bedroom. Joey tried to hit Wesley with all his power, But Joey didn’t realize where he was up to.

Katy walks inside the house. She dropped her bag and came fast as soon she saw her husband waiting for her. She walks close to him and hugged Jeremiah and jumped on him “I’m so tired baby, let’s go to sleep first?”

Wesley smiled at her “oh sure honey! And he lifted her like a baby and Carried her all the way to their bedroom”

Katy replied “oh.. that’s so romantic, when did you become such a romantic person Jeremiah, did you started to watch those romantic series that I use to promote you ” she questioned.

Wesley laughed and started to walk towards the bed.

When he dropped Katy on bed Katy looked at his wrist and asked “What happened, why it is red?”

Wesley looked at his hand he reminds of the incident happened few moment ago “Joey tried to hold him”

Wesley smiled “That is nothing, during workout that was a help from Joey”

Katy questioned “that’s right, so … what are we going to do?”

Wesley smiled and went close to her “should I need to say?”

Wesley quickly jumped above her and removed his shirt and he came above her and tried to kiss her.

Katy closes her eyes and inhales the sweat aroma of her lovely husband. A sense of warning hits her head.

She doesn’t smell Jeremiah, she felt something is wrong, when she was about to kiss Wesley on lips, that’s when she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at his face again closely “who are you?”

Katy tried to move away from him, but the grip was tighter. She couldn’t move. The way he kisses her neck and the scent of him was starting to disgust for Katy. After a few seconds she tried to push him out, But Wesley was going forward for next step.

Katy lost her sense and kicked him in the balls and got out. He looked at him close “Tell me the truth, you are not Jeremiah”

Wesley who was rolling on bed holding his balls stopped all of a sudden and looked at Katy, he started to smile “So what? I look like your hubby isn’t it? So what’s stopping you to burn your lust on my heat, Let’s have some fun and find out who is best in bed”

Katy spit on him “Shit! What is wrong with you? Who are you? Get out of here NOW” she yelled.

Wesley walked forward to Katy at same time walked back “I have been here for a week. You people couldn’t realize who I am and all of a sudden you have made me full in mood and trying to get away? Bad decision Katy! Come to me NOW!” he threatened her with his Deep voice.

Katy looked at him in anger “Get out! Before I call cops”

Wesley phone rings, he answered. As soon he attends he gripped his phone tight and it broke in pieces.

Katy screamed the way he stood and started to run out of bedroom.

Wesley rolls his tongue on his cheek and took a deep breath and started to chase her.

Katy ran into kitchen and turned off all the lights at ground floor and she started to hide beside the kitchen table.

Wesley silently walked towards the area she is at. Katy had a clear view on the floor with the light from the hall. she can actually see his reflection walking inside the kitchen on the shiny tiles.

Wesley slowly walked towards the knife section and took out a knife and called her in a husky voice “oh katy! where are you? you can’t go out of this house. Everything is been locked here”

Katy closed her mouth in shock when he took out the knife. She started to sweat and her breath got heavy. She adjusted her glasses and the curly hair from the sweat.

Wesley continued “I’ve an offer. You come out and sleep with me, i’ll send out your beloved friend Joey alive. If you are not coming out? he is at Agnes room unconscious. I’m going to shove some knifes on his heart, it will be painful isn’t it. So that he can continue sleeping forever”

Katy’s eyes started to shed more tears when she heard what Joey’s position is. She slowly walked out of the kitchen.

Wesley smiled at her and opened his arms “Come here baby, i will carry you back to the bed room”

To be continued….

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11 thoughts on “Jeremiah – Part 15 – Wesley’s true face

  1. And so Jeremiah’s premonition came true 😀 Looking forward to the next part.

    Anyway, Simon this part is a bit confusing: “Wesley “Jeremiah is in a good mood right now…” is Wesley talking about himself (“Jeremiah”) in 3rd person for the purpose of foreshadow?

    and the dialogue mark on these words “There is something wrong” from Katy audible? Or her thought?

    And I’m very sure you meant “SHE” instead of He looked at him close “you are not Jeremiah”

    I want to say more but please excuse me nitpicking 🥺 but I did it because I’m enjoying and can’t help focusing on the story’s details.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hahaha that is totally fine. How did i lost myself missing all these details. Now i know one thing for sure. My work has to be rechecked at least 5 times 😉 Thanks for pointing it out. Now you made me think where and how i gone wrong. 🙄 How did i do that 🤔 anyway the next part is inprogress. Will share asap 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Exactly, i should get a second pair of eyes 🙄😉 Hope your Sunday is awesome ☺️😸 Loved your name change on instagram. For me you are Author JessicaLaren from long ago 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Ribanna, Long time break. How was your trip. Hope you all had a beautiful time together. Been missing your post ✨☺️ Thanks for your time reading ✨😍🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Simon, only 2 weeks 🤪
    Everything fine, thank you! Sometimes is good to spend time with family 😉
    I still need to get back to my blog writing though 🤪
    Thank you for your support Simon!
    Wish you a wonderful day!

    Liked by 1 person

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