It was dark.

He walks down the street with his stick, and a baggy pants and a thick shoe made of fine leather but dirty like it never washed once. His hands are covered with torn gloves, white beard and long tangled hair. The wrinkles in his face, each told a story.

He looked at a kid walking down the road with a travel bag. The kid was so happy and excited that he was going to shift to a new place.

He sits there outside a vacant shop and recalled his past.

Dad “Where are you going?”

Him “I’m going out of town Dad”

Dad “What for? You got our business to take care of”

Him adjusting his bag on his shoulders “Dad, i need dreams, i need memories this life is definitely not the one i want to live”

Dad “What you going to do? Without education, beg for living?”

Him “It’s also a surviving skill Dad”

Dad rolled his eyes “You and your stupid speech, none of the world going to hear that and you never going to write a book with your English”

Him “Thanks for encouraging me Dad, Now you know why I’m going out?, I’ll publish a book and don’t forget to read if you are alive at that time. The book author name will be Unknown, the book name will be the “Out of the box” don’t search for me that day Dad, I’m never going to turn back home”

I’m never going to turn back home the words rings through his ears as he closes his eyes and took a deep breath.

The old man shoved his hand inside his coat and took an old book, the book turned brown and the paper’s turned brown and dirty. He started to open it and read, There was a pride in his eyes.

A young cop crossed by stopped his vehicle and came out and asked this old man “What are you reading?”

The old man gave that book to him. The cop looked at the book cover and got excited “For real? You have the first copy of the book, you know about this book?”

The old man nodded his head.

The cop requested “can i have this book? My daughter loves to write stories. Out of the box is an inspiration to many of the young kids. We wish we know the author of this book. Not sure why he has not given his name all these years”

The old man smiled and whispered the Cops ear “You can take the book”

The cop thanked him “Thank you so much, what is your name?”

The old man said “Unknown”

Cop shakes his head and kept his book in his pocket. “Okay Mr. Unknown, you want a ride?”

The old man shows his hand and started to walk.

A man stopped the old man, he tried to look at him “Its dark here i can’t see your face”

The man replied “Two things, i want to ask you”

The old man nodded

The man asked “You are the Unknown Author isn’t it?”

The old man eyes got wide and a small smile in the corner of his lips. He nodded as a yes signal.

The man asked “Our dad really liked your book, he sold that book to our entire Street. He always wishes one day you’ll come back home, He passed away 15 year’s ago, he wanted you to spend your days at his house, all these years i was searching for you, Will you come back home please?”

The old man closes his eyes a drop of a tear dropped from his eyes, he nodded yes.

A car came next to him. The man opened the door. Old man entered the car.

The end….