Jeremiah – Part 14 – Action!

Jeremiah rolls down and kicked the first guard enters the room, which made the first guard to fall back on the second guard that followed him. Both on the ground, one rolls to the left and stood up and Jeremiah jumped on the one that on floor and a hard punch falls on the man on the ground. The other guy catches him from back and holds his neck. Jeremiah found a sharp piece of wood and shoved on his thigh, which made him release the grip. Jeremiah holds his neck and starts to investigate.

He closed his eye and breathing calm but sweating he asked “Who sent you?”

“I don’t know” the guard answered.

He laughed and tightened his grip “What do you mean you don’t know? You want to say this peacefully or rest in peace fully?”

He replied “You must ask my boss, Nick who lives after an hour from here. You can find him inside the market, fifth shop on the left. The man with curly hair and beard sells fishes with drugs hidden inside”

Jeremiah punched him and made him unconscious too.

Jeremiah sat there and tried to rewind his vision and thought himself about the possibility he had seen, but things are happening different. In a day he should be back home but as he stuck here on this place, he started to get confused. First he needs to find Nick. He took a van that was parked and the van flew through the high way to Nick’s place.

Nick was cutting the fishes when he saw Jeremiah rushing towards him he whispered in shock “Wesley?”

Jeremiah kicked him on his chest which made him fall out of his place and threw a basket and start to hit him badly, when Nick got a chance he started to hit him back with wood, few more people joined to support Nick, but nobody could control Jeremiah. He was so cool through the entire fight and in the end; Nick was in his legs begging “please forgive me for whatever I did, what you want?”

Jeremiah questioned “Why did you kidnap me?”

Nick eyes came out “You got kidnapped? I never know the person we had to kidnap was you. I hired people from outside as Mike said and if that is our people they would’ve told me. I never saw you coming man”

Jeremiah questioned “Who is Mike?”

Nick looked at him quizzically “What do you mean? You do not know Mike? Did they hit you in the head? “

Jeremiah looked at him weirdly “I don’t know, I don’t know any of you either”

Nick looked at his eyes for a moment and noticed the color of his eyes “What is your name?”

He said “Jeremiah”

Nick took a few steps back and closed his mouth and whispered “doppelganger”

Jeremiah turns his head “What did you say?”

Nick took him inside the shop and which started to look like a house, behind the noisy market a peaceful house. Nick enters a room and opens his laptop and shows his photo. Jeremiah started to laugh, “When did I dressed up like that, I look cool though on that tuxedo?”

Nick looked at him and asked him to take his seat “Look, You were asked to kidnap by Mike. He is your, sorry, Wesley’s best partner. He must be trying something to take over this Wesley’s army of drugs, which is actually Wesley’s kingdom”

Jeremiah stared at him in shock “Are you saying? That he kidnapped me instead of Wesley?” he laughed again “This looks like a movie, so where is Wesley then?” He hears a women noise and stood up and walked towards a door. Nick stopped him. Jeremiah opens the door to find a woman in bed looking sick, he looked at Nick, he replied “My wife, all this shit business are for her only as I need money to save her”.

Jeremiah walked towards her and holds her hand and closed his eyes and did a small magic trick and made her smile and advised here “you are going to be back on road, holding his hand, sooner than you imagine”

Nick took a deep breath “I’ll tell you what? Come out first” they both came out and he continued “You are far too good than Wesley, Stronger too. Don’t think I am trying to flatter you, Mike wants to kidnap you but didn’t want to kill you, that means he needs something from you, we don’t know where Wesley is, so before Wesley show up I say you go there as Wesley and let’s talk with Mike and find out what is his plan”

Jeremiah replied “What if he thinks you betrayed him, when you come with me, If I go there as Wesley, where is the actual Wesley then? What if he comes there when I walk inside?”

Nick took a bottle of liquor and poured in a glass and gave it to Jeremiah, he denied. So Nick had a couple of glasses and sat on the chair “it’s so confusing, Mike wants to kidnap but not want to kill”

Jeremiah asked “Let’s go! I need to find out”

Nick laughed “Find what?”

Jeremiah replied “I go there as Wesley and find out what Mike has in his head”

Nick nodded his head in disagreement “That is not going to happen, Never”

Jeremiah laughed “Nick, There is nothing we can’t accomplish in this world, All you need is to believe, and look at my eyes, this life has a very little adventure, do not hesitate to taste each moment”

Nick took a gun from under table and placed on the table “What do you think? You can go and eliminate everyone just like that? This is not a video game. You need a lot of gunds”

Jeremiah looked at the ceiling and started to laugh again.

Nick took his gun and pointed at Jeremiah “stop laughing, you are annoying me with your laugh. I never saw Wesley laugh like that”

Jeremiah looked at Nick’s eyes “my final offer, you still have that longing feeling to live a peaceful life, I can still see in your eyes, I can assure you one thing, you can still do this fishing business in my place and live peacefully, and you are not going to die anytime soon, all you need to do is trust me and take me there, I find Mike, and I help you escape and myself and we all get back to our little peaceful life”

Nick looked at him sternly “I like your guts, but how you going to do that?”

Jeremiah laughed “We will see that part, if I look like Wesley it is going to be easy to get inside the casino, that’s where Mike is right?”

Nick stood up “Yes, Taking you as Wesley and going inside is not going to be a problem, but coming out alive is. Are you sure?”

Jeremiah stood up and removed his hoody jacket and exposed his six packs and muscles , “time for a dressup, I need Wesley’s tuxedo, the one I saw in that picture, tell you what, he’s got some real taste” Nick took him inside the room, after few minutes and Nick and his group of people took a car and Jeremiah as Wesley walked out of the place and went out from that place to a nearby airport.

Nick and his team started a private Jet and started to fly to the island.

On the plane Jeremiah’s mind was going back and forth on the vision he saw and had a quick spark, the smile on his face started to fade, tons of questions started to ring in his head “What if it is Wesley on my house? How did I saw that vision? Is Katy going to die on his hands?” he started to sweat.

Nick looked at his situation “Are you okay?”

Jeremiah face got little serious now “Fine!”

Nick and Jeremiah got down on the island and they reached Mike’s place.

Jeremiah got down from the car wearing coolers and with a smile, Jeremiah walked inside the casino as Wesley.

Nick took him to Mike’s room.

Mike was playing snookers in his room with a big cigar in his mouth.

As soon as he saw Jeremiah walk inside the door with Nick, his jaw dropped in shock and realized this must be Jeremiah “Shit” he exclaimed and threw the snooker stick to Jeremiah’s face.

Jeremiah caught the stick and looked at nick “is that him?”

Nick nods his head.

The speed Jeremiah went on towards Mike was like a big rock fallen from sky. For each hit, Mike lost his balance, Mike never realized the doppelganger Wesley is this much strong.

Blood coming from his mouth Mike spits the blood from his mouth and took a cigar and started to smoke. His one eyes completely hidden because of the swollen face. Mike replied with a deep dry voice “I never expected you!”

Jeremiah took a chair and sat in front of him and smiled “you look so pretty mike, look at all the shades of red and brownish red around your eyes, so tell me Mike Where is Wesley?”

Mike started to laugh “This is not in the plan, Just because you look like Wesley you are lucky enough to enter here and ask me where he is. You don’t know where he is isn’t it?” with a cunning smile he looked at Jeremiah

Jeremiah smiled at him “You better say it now!”


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6 thoughts on “Jeremiah – Part 14 – Action!

  1. “in” that tuxedo…

    Maybe “we were asked to kidnap you”

    I assume there’s only one so “a woman’s noise” ?

    Other than that… oh my gosh! I love the story. The action wow… ❤

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  2. Hey Jessica ✨🤗 Thanks for reading. Been missing you long for such comments 😍. Glad you got sometime to spend today. Thanks for the kind words ✨😺🤗😁 Enjoy the beautiful Sunday✨🤗🥂

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