🎅Christmas Special ✨🎅

Hey Everyone! Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance!

He is one of my most favourite actor from South India ✨😉 Joseph Vijay🥰

You all must have been taken off today, and got busy preparing cookies and family time, Enjoy your Holidays. On this special day, i would like to share a small story.

Here we go.

The couples were commuting to their office in their motor bike. In the middle of a highway a car driver tried to pass their bike. That’s when the car driver slightly made the couple uncomfortable. Her husband realized that they are going to fall, he tried to slow down and managed to balance. Luckily the bike speed has been reduced but the couple still fell down. Because of less speed they didn’t got hurt much. None of the people passed them tried to help them. They did stopped and watched whether the couple can get back on their feet and they passed. They got up, cleaned themselves and started the bike and went to office. They cannot quit a day, the loans they have and their commitments for their only kid has to be fulfilled.

Another day, the same couple was driving on their bike. They saw a woman tripped over and fell in the middle of the road, and got badly hurt. As soon they saw the woman, the husband stopped the bike, his wife quickly rushed towards the woman and helped her sit up and bought a soda and splashed at her face and made her calm down at that situation. Her husband quickly catches an auto rickshaw and they both took the woman to the hospital. The treatment started immediately and there was no major injury to that woman. Both couple have asked an hour of permission and reached back to their work.

This is the thing i was so amazed with this couple. Yes, This is a real story with a very little modification. I know them personally.

Irrespective of how others treated them, this couple were always been like this, and will always be. They have that one good thing in common, Humanity. No matter what, when and where, When someone is in need, this couple come forward with a random act of kindness.

It doesn’t mean we need to help someone to do that random act of kindness. It can be anything like i mentioned here below.

No matter how others treat us, Let us be kind to each other and do not lose that precious quality inside us “Humanity” and spread kindness whenever you can.

It’s all about giving what you can. Not what you give ✨🤗💐

Wishing all of my lovely kind and supportive bloggers a 🎅Happy Christmas 🎅

Finally my favourite meme of the day.

I’m sure some of you have pets like him/her. Don’t forget to decorate your Christmas tree for them.✨😋🤪