Jeremiah – Part 13 – Two days more

Jeremiah on his shorts and hood jacket was on his way to the old age home, as soon as he got down from a bus a group of people followed him and one of them hits his head with a bag full of metal balls.

Jeremiah was about to fall off, when two of people catches both of his arms before he gets unconscious and took him out from that place just like he walks with them holding their shoulders. The group of people have covered the scene at ease without any escalations or strange look from the public.

Jeremiah was unconscious and on bed and he was inside a house nearby beach. His conscious regained to the sound of beach waves. It was a small concrete house, looked old and its dark. Only the window has a light. And In the middle of that box house there was a bed straight to the window. Jeremiah is on that bed.

As soon as he wake up, Jeremiah recalls a vision when he was half conscious and a small smile formed at corner of his lips.

Wesley on Jeremiah’s house as Jeremiah…

Wesley “I’m home Mike”

Mike “Don’t be proud of this Wesley, You are there just to sleep with her, not to kill her. Remember, and also remember to come back, don’t fall for that lust and never ever think about to stay back there”

Wesley slowly turns and upside down at the bed “Mike, I am Wesley, not Jeremiah. I don’t know what he is capable of, but I know about myself, and you know me right?”

Mike “Do not be in hurry and get caught, even if you get caught, just escape from that place, Joey is a clever boy than Jeremiah”

Wesley started to think “Mike I have plans you just need to wait for a week and I’ll be back”

Mike “I totally get it Wesley, but I am only worried about you, don’t ever try to kill that girl, if you did I can’t help you. Remember, we are not on island now”

Wesley nodded “Mike, I’ll be there sooner than you imagine. All I want is you to trust me”

Mike hangs up the phone with Wesley and calls another number

“What are you doing?” the voice startled Wesley and woke up from the bed in shock.

“uhhh! Nothing just trying to relax”

Joey questioned “Why did you come back? And why are you not answering my phone?”

Wesley thought to himself “Shit! These smart phones” and replied Joey “Me? I didn’t get any ring from your phone, give me your phone, let me look try it”

Wesley quickly typed his phone number and replaced Jeremiah’s number with his and dialed, the phone started to ring “See? It’s ringing!”

Joey looked at his phone weird “Strange! Forget it, okay. Come on! It’s time”

Wesley asked “What time?”

Joey looked at him “Work out, you can’t miss workout today”

Wesley replied “Joey, I am on break. Can we have this some other day please?”

Joey replied “I am not buying that Jeremiah, either you come, or I’ll just carry you”

Wesley thought to himself “Shit! I hate workouts”

Joey and Wesley joined back in gym after few minutes of Cardio Wesley ran like an angry lion. Joey amazed at what he saw “Wow! You had a drug or what? I never saw you run this fast”

Wesley scratched his head and smiled at Joey “I’m trying to make this quick”

Joey and Wesley started their weight workouts, Wesley kept asking more, more, more. Joey couldn’t take the weights like Wesley and stared at him.

Joey stopped his workout and stared at him breathing heavily “You know what? I am taking a break today, you are in a good form and super energetic today, sorry man I can’t handle it”

Wesley face brightened and slowly walked out of the gym in style, while on the other side Joey stared at him the way he came out.

As soon as he reaches home, he called up mike “the contacts I have not yet received. Send me that as early as possible” Mike replied “ok”

It was late in the evening, Wesley without his cigar and drink he was feeling restless.

He started to search all over the house. He didn’t get even a single bottle of wine, he spoke himself “what is this place, no liquor no cigarettes, what people are they? God, this is the true hell”

After an hour of searching Jeremiah’s place, Wesley remembers the small amount of cocaine he had in his purse. He quickly went back to the room and opens his purse. He unfolds the white paper and took a pinch and carefully placed on the glass table. He slowly sucks a pinch of powder he took and all the powder enters his nose.

Wesley got himself drugged, in few moments he felt back to his body and stretched himself and removed his t-shirt and with just shorts “Ahhh! It’s good to be back” Wesley looked at himself in the mirror and laughed loudly “Jeremiah, Thank you”

As he started to walk down, he saw the two girls Agnes and Katy walked in with lot of bags.

Wesley couldn’t control his eyes, but stare at both girls.

Agnes noticed the way he looked and asked “Jeremiah”

Wesley tried to hide himself startled “Hey Agnes! How was the shopping?” he managed with a question.

Agnes stared at him sternly for a while and managed to smile “Yeah, it’s super fun with Katy.”

Wesley gave a weird smile and winked at Agnes and watched two of them checking out their things.

Katy called “Jeremiah, how do you like it? Come on! You will give me the right feedback”

Wesley slowly walked behind Katy and watching Agnes with lust and stood next to Katy and looked at all her clothes.

Katy went back to room and came back to pose on each dresses she bought. Wesley appreciated and admired her beauty during the whole process. Every time Katy went in and came out, Wesley’s look at Agnes made her more uncomfortable to stay in his presence.

Agnes says “Katy, I’ll stay with Joey tonight”

Katy “What why? Come on! You need to show me wearing all the dresses we bought”

Wesley interrupted “Yes Agnes, i would love to, i mean we would love to see in your new outfit”

Agnes looked down and replied “Can i do it another day Katy, i am feeling little uncomfortable with all the shopping and roaming”

Katy looked disappointed “Awww, that’s sad. But anyway I am also tired of our trip. Let’s have some good sleep as we have a two busy days ahead”

Agnes waved bye and walked out without turning back.

Wesley looked at Katy “Two busy days? what you girls have planned?”

Katy smiled “Yes dear, I am planning to go a short trip to meet an investor. Might bring up big deals, what do you think?”

Wesley looked disappointed “Can I join?, I’ll be bored to death please”

Katy chuckled “Who says that now? You? I never heard that word from you, come on let’s go for sleep”

Wesley replied “but, you didn’t say I can come”

Katy smiled “Sorry darling, it’s going to be girls meet up”

Wesley interrupted “I can wait outside?”

Katy replied “I know my darling is been missing me for a really long time, I’ll be back in two days, now we are going to sleep alright?”

While saying this she came close to his face and whispered “relax for two days, and we can have a lot of fun”

Wesley smiled “Oh yeah! I am waiting for that moment”

Katy goes to bed in few minutes. Wesley joined with her in bed and found she is sound asleep. Wesley looked at the way she slept, he came close to her and inhaled the scent of her hair and he brought his hand close to her face and took back and lies back on bed staring at the empty ceiling he said himself “Just two more days”

Jeremiah on the other side…

Jeremiah opens his eyes and found he is in a room nearby beach. He got up and looked for his bag. He quickly took it and opened it to take out his mobile, But everything was there except his mobile phone.

Jeremiah walks to the nearby window and opens the wooden window and found only 3 guards.

Jeremiah laughed alone, One of the guard walks near the window and smiled at him “What are you smiling at?”

Jeremiah laughed even more “Looking at you”

The guard got little angry “Shut up! If I come inside I’ll break you in pieces”

Jeremiah laughed even more and called him close to the window “You know what?”

Guard “what?”

Jeremiah replied “I’m going to count to 1 to 5, you open this door, else one of you dies”

Guard laughed now this time he calls other two guards and told them what he told “They also started to laugh”

Jeremiah looked at him with his charming face “Come here Mario I will save you”

Guard shocked “How do you know my name?”

Jeremiah laughed again

Guard out of patience “you tell me that or I’ll break you in pieces now” the other guards yelled “stop talking to him, he must’ve gone crazy”

Jeremiah jumped on his bed and raised his head in one hand and said “The man in yellow jacket, ask him to open the door, or else…”

Guard folds his hand and replied “Let me see what you can do?”

Jeremiah smiled “You don’t believe me right?”

Guard replied “Why should I believe you?”

Jeremiah started to count , 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

A big thud noise heard, the guard ran to watch the other one.

Jeremiah laugh finally came to end and he lies back in bed and looked at the ceiling to find the fan rotating slowly he says “Where there is death, there is always death, it never changes isn’t it”

The guards opened the door…


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12 thoughts on “Jeremiah – Part 13 – Two days more

  1. That’s rude🤪 Wesley has got some love too😜But that’s cruel .. it’s actually lust.🙄 But came not to kill her😋, but with something else😒. Hope nothing happens. Let’s see…😉 Thanks for reading Jessica ✨🤗


  2. Yes, emotionally it’s been haunting me the thought of getting transferred. I hate that new place, languages unknown, food i never liked their way of spicy foods. Things are going to be tough initially 😒🙄 let’s hope all for good ✨😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Work is never going to be a problem ✨😉… But the place and the food, I’m too much health conscious which is one thing really disturbing me. And i will miss my sweet wife, my heart is heavy already ✨🙄 Wish i could take her there. 😍 Hope things will be better between us.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes Jessica, 🥰 Hope the saying are perfectly said ✨☺️ After 7 year’s, going out first time alone. I’ll get used to eat easily, Hope she is also strong as i am.🥰 thanks for the kind words Jessica 😍

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