Mr. Nano’s one not a Fine Day

With Christmas in just few days ahead, i know you all will be busy doing things and got tired for the weekend, Time to have some little fun.

Nano’s one not a Fine Day

It was a bright sunny day Nano was busy applying natural fertilizers to his garden plants.
When one of the public saw what he is doing and called him


Hey hi, how may i help you

What you doing?

Uhhh.. i am applying natural fertilizers to my garden

Thats very low for, you must put a large amount right, then how will you get coconuts from it.

Nano rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, You are not going to get coconut

Yeah, if you apply such small amount to it, you never will.

Nano walked back to his garden, you see? this is a palm tree and it’s kind of variety that will give you dates. Not coconuts. Thanks for your free advice.

Is that true?

What do you want?

Uhhh, i actually came here to find the building contractor Mr. Nano. Can you just tell me where he is?

You are looking at him right now.

Oh that is you, ha ha ha. That was funny.

Nano sternly says i do not see anything funny here Mr. Why do you want to see me?

Actually i wanted to build a house, need to get a quote from you.

I build a house for 160$ per square feet for ground floor and 100$ per square feet for second floor.

The person did some math calculation in his hand and asked Nano, Sounds great. How about you build second floor first, that is all the money i got.

Seriously? Go to hell!

You will finish the second floor first right?

Nano’s head turned red and without saying anything he turned and walks back to his garden faster that’s when the floor slipped and his nose hit straight at one of the wood. He started to bleed. He walks out and took his water pipe and washed his face full of flood.

Hey! You had your breakfast so fast? look at you, you left all the tomato sauce on your face.

Nano bites his lips and his head turns red and said “You still not leaving?”

You didn’t tell me the way to hell, we had a deal right? i go to hell and you build my second floor for 100$ per square feet.

The end….