I hate maths

It was a dark night, i was walking inside my apartment to find any neighbours to have a small talk. My bad, i don’t find anyone that night.

I started to walk through the stairs, i did not find anyone, or any voice. But why? they are afraid of dark?

I kept asking lot of questions myself. As i made my way to the 12th floor, i lost my stamina, my heartbeat sounds like it ran a marathon. dubdub dubdub dubdub. I could hear my own heartbeat.

As soon i reach the terrace the cool wind blows through my ear, my bald head full of sweat feeling so cold. I wiped my bald head with my bare hands. Damn, i sweat so bad. I looked at my feat my left socks have come down. I should replace it first, it got loose after so many months of usage. I hardly remember washing it, thought winter wont give me a stinky feet. But here i am while adjusting my socks, i could feel the aroma, or should i say it stinks. Oh! that’s really bad.

I looked up the sky is clear like someone just wiped out all the stars except few. It was shining. There was one bright star at the North. Must be the Northern pole star. Brighter than other stars. I looked around. Nobody was there. I walked to the corner and looked at the city. Dark. It was dark and silent. How could it be? what would be the time now?

I stared at the calm city. I looked at my hand. Watch was there, why didn’t i not looked at my watch for the time. I looked at it. In the dark night the radium around each hour was glowing. I was able to see the small needle pointing at 2 and the large needle pointing at 9. My god, was i walking all night to reach 11th floor from ground? I am little confused now.

I slapped myself, yes i feel the pain. i was definitely not dreaming. Wait, i could able to hear some noise. What? Is that the noise of beach? how? wait, i could hear the noise now. Lot of noise. I quickly walked to the other corner and saw i am travelling fast towards the ocean.

Wait! What? the ocean is coming to me, my heart beat raises dubdub dubdub dubdub. What am i going to do? i got panic, i sweat, My God, please save me from this Tsunami. As i close my eyes and hold my hands and pray god. The noise came very close and i could feel the water drops on my face.

Splash! I am stuck in Tsunami, i scream “Someone save me!” i tried to swim and find at least a palm tree or a branch. How could i find? i am in 11th floor. Then i felt a sharp pain in my butt. I opened my eyes to see my mom standing with a stick and spanking me.

What are you doing here Mom? Stop doing that! It’s paining.

Mom: Stop swimming at the bed and get back to school. Don’t you have exams to write today?

πŸ™„God, take me back to tsunamiπŸ˜’, i hate math exams.😳

Thanks for reading βœ¨πŸ˜‰ Have a beautiful dayβ˜ƒοΈ


  1. Hahaha ✨😜 That’s a compliment right πŸ™„πŸ€— Thank you so much for reading and for the kind words βœ¨πŸ˜‰ Have a beautiful day βœ¨πŸ’

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