Jeremiah – Part 9 – First Vision

Jeremiah with Katy reaches the island resorts by early morning. They spent the whole day at the resort and the whole day with lot of beach games they had so much fun as a couple. Tired of all games, Jeremiah and Katy spent their evening in a market, that’s when a strange thing happened to Jeremiah. This is never a new thing happened to him, but that day on that spot what he saw shook him literally. Jeremiah came back to normal his face changed after what he saw. Katy looked at him “are you okay?”

Jeremiah looked at her in shock and smiled “Just tired of too much walking”

Katy and Jeremiah reaches their room that night, after dinner followed by a romantic moment at bed, Katy holds his palm and starts to sleep above his arms.

Jeremiah pats on her arms and started to think about the what he saw at the market, he slowly releases Katy from his arms and covers her with a bed sheet and slowly came out of the bed and holds his head and turns to see Katy peacefully. “How could she?” was all he said and he walks to balcony and sits on a resting chair and looked at the sky and started to laugh and talks himself “Well, where there is death there will always be death, and it’s inevitable” he turns his head and see Katy peacefully sleeping and said “60 days and counting”

Jeremiah puts his leg above the balcony wall and kept his arms to rest his head and closed his eyes.

It’s all started when he was a kid…

When Jeremiah was 11 years old, after a game with Joey, Jeremiah walked home tired and full of dirt. His Mom stopped him while he entered the house. She looked at his dress “You look like a 20 year old man, look at you, who will say you are a 11 year old kid?”

Jeremiah smiled “mom stop playing, let me go inside”

Leslie keeps her hand on her hips and says “here remove these shorts and t-shirt now. Let me wash it, it’s full of mud. Don’t spoil the floor with the shoe. I have just mopped it.”

Jeremiah said “okay Mom, But mom can I wear the shorts at least?”

Leslie smiled “Haha cutie yes you can, I don’t want your shorts fine?”

Jeremiah smiled “Thanks Mom! And kissed her in cheeks” and tried to run

Leslie catches his palm and “Where are you going? Let me bite that chubby cheek of my lovely boy, come here” She hugs him and kissed him on the forehead and cheeks and commented “You are full of dirt”

Everything froze, the smile on Jeremiah face vanished .He looks shocked. Things started to move very fast around him, Jeremiah’s Mom got up from there and started to walk with his things and she dropped his socks while she is back, he calls her back, things started to spin, He saw his mom the calendar dated 7th January, He was little confused as today it was only 8th October. Jeremiah hears the phone ringing, she answered, After she spoke she quickly dials her husband “Stephen! It’s an emergency. My Mom is very serious I have to go. I’ll take our car in the garage and go, before Stephen responds she disconnected the call.”

Jeremiah followed her to find her take the car and he sits next to her. She was upset while driving after a few kilometers from his home, a truck from nowhere hits their car and her head hits the truck through the window and with just glass pieces on his safe he was safe but his Mom dies in front of his eyes.

Jeremiah started to cry “Mommmmm!!” things gone back to normal. Jeremiah got his smile back on his face and his Mom just kissed him on the fore head and commented again, he repeated chorus to his mom “You are full of dirt”.

His mom looked puzzled “how did you?” Jeremiah winked and he pretends to be happy ran inside the house and stopped a second. He recalled what just happened a few moments ago. Everything felt so real, his mom supposed to miss his socks while she takes back his things to wash. He quickly came back to see his socks on the floor. He ran quickly and took the socks and gave it back to his Mom.

At such young age he couldn’t understand any of it but what he saw was kept bothering him, he made so many alternate plans to avoid the phone call On October 8th he supposed to go school, he ran fast from the stairs and voluntarily tripped himself and fell down. He acted like he is in pain.

Leslie came and hugs him “It’s nothing my dear, see no scratches. You are all good. Want to take a leave today?”

Jeremiah eyes got brighter “Yes mom! will you make my favorite snacks in mean time?”

Leslie pinched his cheek “Sure dear, go get yourself dressed and I will be in the kitchen”

As Jeremiah went to change his dress, he quickly removes his uniform as he already wore a shorts and t-shirt inside as he is prepared for the leave. He hears the phone ring as soon as he heard he quickly came and answered it, he heard what he needs to. He looks at the calendar it was 8th October, he starts to sweat.

His mom called “Who was that on phone?”

Jeremiah lied “Wrong number mom!”

He slowly walks to kitchen preparing his mind to tell what he saw that day.

The moment he walks in the kitchen he saw a fire spark behind the oven.

He screamed “Mom!” Leslie turns on the gas and hears Jeremiah scream she turns shocked “What happened?”

Jeremiah looks at the gas “turn off the gas!” he yelled

Leslie before she turns to turn off, the circuit behind oven starts the fire and the gas catches fire, it started to burn and the gas which is been leaking for seconds caught fire and Leslie got stuck in that fire.

Before Jeremiah could reach his mom the gas cylinder blows up and Jeremiah was pushed out to the hallway and gone unconscious.

When he was awake he was surrounded by a white room and his dad was sitting next to him. Jeremiah cried for his Mom as a drop of tear from his eyes fell down through his ears. Stephen holds his hand and tried to console his son Jeremiah and says that his Mom is not going to be back. Jeremiah kept crying for almost a week and started to blame himself for what he tried and fell into depression, a voice kept saying this inside his head “where there is death there will always be death”

Joey his best friend often visited him and took him out to play. Jeremiah started to play with other kids and divert himself from the past. Even though he was fun outside, that one vision kept haunting at his head and he never stopped blaming himself for what happened to his mother.

One day while on the playground he saw an old man walking by. As Joey kicks the ball out of the field, Jeremiah chases the ball and went next to the old man. The old man was sitting under a tree.

Jeremiah took the ball and went to the old man “Hi! I am Jeremiah”

Joey waves his hand, Jeremiah waved back and yelled 2 mins to the boys.

The old man smiled and gave his hand back he signaled how are you. Jeremiah somehow understands his sign language replied “I am fine, you can’t talk?”

The old man nodded and smiled. Jeremiah gave his hand the old man shakes his hand with Jeremiah. Jeremiah froze again everything starts to spin again, the old man starts to walk away from the tree in a few meter the old man fell down and dies of cardiac arrest. Jeremiah was so close to the old man on that second vision and he suddenly came back.

Jeremiah looked at the old man closely in his eyes “Are you happy?” The old man nodded. Jeremiah walks from the old man and joined back with his boys. He kept his eyes on the old man. When the old man starts to walk away Jeremiah stood there watching him ignoring the game. In a few meter the old man fell down and dies, he repeated the same word “Where there is death there is always death”. Jeremiah walks away from the ground and informed Joey he will join later and ran away to his home, as soon he is home he locked himself in the room and lies in his bed and looked at the ceiling, he kept thinking about the two visions again and again in his head.

In next few months, Jeremiah voluntarily met different people at shopping mall and gave handshake and tried to talk with strangers. He saw hundreds of death, death of people that die naturally, horribly, some dies instantly.

Jeremiah realizes he is a bit different than others and he could see deaths, but he never can save anybody, the only person he tried to save is his Mom. She died worse than he had seen.

All he could see was only the people that are going to die within 60 days. He wanted to do something about it, he can’t help them, but make them happy. As people are so busy with their own trouble he wanted to turn their life into something beautiful before their death, whether this is a curse or a gift, he wants to do some good. When he turned 15, he starts to visit random people at street, mostly homeless. He gained so many friends with his charming face and a friendly voice people became friends with him. Jeremiah could able to blend with people culture and religions as he simply made relationships without an expectation as he only knew their last date.

The depressed 15 year old started to be crazy outside and become so crazy in real.

The last depressing moment of Jeremiah was watching his father’s death and do nothing about it. He earned millions and became the GJ groups icon on the society. Jeremiah felt life isn’t fair with anyone. The moment he lost his father at age of 18 he started to disappear from his house often and it remained a mystery what he does until Katy found him.

Today was a day he never thought he would see such a vision and it shook him to the core. But as he very well knew this “Where there is death there will always be death, and it’s inevitable” Jeremiah smiled about the vision and closed his eyes and slept at the balcony.

Same night, on the same island. Mr. Wesley walks down the club in his sharp tuxedo and long beard with a hat on his face, pulls out a small knife and picks a girl from the club and pulled inside the room. After he had a good time with that woman, his small knife made a swipe on her neck which made her die on that spot.

Mr. Wesley took out his big cigar from his left pocket and starts to smoke. He took a phone and dials his assistant “Hey Mike! You need to cover an incident now”

Mike yelled “Don’t tell me you killed another girl Wesley, I can’t help you on this shit all the time. You have been killing all the girls you are sleeping with. You gotta see a doctor”

Mr. Wesley smiled and got up from the bed and slowly removed his hat and looked at the mirror.

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