Time to show some gratitude – 200 Followers – For 2019

“We must find the time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. -John F. Kennedy


This post is not just about 200 followers, it is also about 2019 and my learnings and things that i am thankful for.

This is not an easy number in blogging and from the place where most of my people is not aware what blogging really is, and I am always grateful, when i had 2 follower and when i had 20 followers and when i have 200 followers i am still excited for every single followers. Blogging is not for likes or for followers. This journey begins from 0 to 100 and now 200.

I thankful for this year for i have read so many books, that had a very much visible impact in my personal and professional life. Here are the list for you

Jeffrey Archers – Kane & Abel.

Anthony Robbins – Awaken the giant within

Grichon – Timeline

Chetan Bhagat – One night at the call center

Susan cain – The power of introverts

Vishen Lakhiani – The code of Extraordinary mind

Sujata – Kolayuthir Kaalam

Sandi Lynn – One Night in London

Maya Angelou – Still I Rise

Enid Blyton – Hurrah for the Circus (kids book ;))

Vivek Agnihotri – Urban Naxals – (Inprogress)

John Green – An Abundance of Katherines – (Inprogress)

My instagram followers would have known this list already.

This 2019 is been a beautiful journey, my new career, the learning i had here, the exposure of knowledge i learned in my current company is something i did noy expectrd. This is something i am grateful for in this company all the knowledge i earned here.

I also thank all the bad things happened in my life, i was a runner and not a runner at least for a year after my leg injury, and i am still alive free from my anxiety and depression and having no regret, i am also grateful for this part of my life which taught me a very good amount of practical lessons.

Blogging journey began this year since May and we are almost at the year end, just 26 more days to go. I had learned a lot of beautiful, smart bloggers here and 200 followers. I must thank all my favorite followers.

Ilona from France (Inactive recently) – A positive blogger, inspired me with her positive daily thoughts. She is going to be married very soon.

Huguette from Lebanon (Inactive recently) – A survivor, She is bold strong and she never give up fighting for her country, active on instagram somehow found her, and still i disturb her over there.

Jessica from Spain – So many childhood traumas and lot of pain, Yet no one break this kids heart, But she only grew stronger everyday and an inspirational Mom to many people she know and for me too. She is a motivator, a real motivator, my story telling skills orally have improved from 1 to 8 in my own language only from the motivation of these kind of bloggers, i write in English with lot of grammar errors, i think i have improved a lot, some time still i write like a kid, I wonder how could she tolerate my English. Thanks you for everything Jessica.

Steve from Canada – Young blogger, loves warm place, he must be warm under sun by now. Wish he could read this now and he love to dance for his cat. Steve and his blog is my daily stress buster, The adventures with his dad are my favorite and his love towards nature will not keep him idle so guess what he hurt himself a lot and he loves that. And i am Jealous of his place which is full of nature, if it’s warm i would stay with Steve.

Ribanna from Singapore – She made me a foodie for a while, i got back to my diet on track now. She will make you a true foodie with all her food tips, and she will turn you a traveler too. Her virtual tours will be amazing and she does a lot of research behind each of her post. She motivates me a lot, even though my English is literally out of the world she and Jessica have a super power to tolerate and i am so lucky to find such bloggers.

Lydia – A young kid from a cozy south. Me and Steve is really jealous of her place for the beautiful climate. I on the other side trying to swim, him on the other side changing his socks often. Lydia is a smart blogger and often interacts with us, which is a total fun and i love to have such a young blogger around.

Michelle – She is a positive blogger and she shares her experiences of anxiety and depression and more positive and interesting blogs.

Kally – She often posts interesting content, Lot of professional tips and support and weekly wisdom which i’ll never miss eahc week. She being a mommy and being a blogger she makes awesome post and being an inspiration on work life balance.

Saania- I think she is from South africa not sure. But she is a small kid with a maturity i have ever seen. I love to read her comments, which is wise and it will be from a different perspective you didnt imagine. Her posts are always unique and i like much.

My sincere apologies if i missed any of my favorite bloggers.

Thanks for reading, Love your support. Keep supporting✨🤗✍️


25 thoughts on “Time to show some gratitude – 200 Followers – For 2019

  1. You are right blogging is not easy and most of the people are not aware of it. Being regular is very important and you do that👏👏👏. Thanks for your support and Hope these last days of the year will come up with great memories. 😀😊

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  2. Congratulations Simon! Hard work has its rewards always 😉 Thank you for your kind words and support! Very nice of you and very appreciated! I’m really glad to know you! I really enjoy your stories!
    Wish you happy blogging and a long journey 😉🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey Simon! Congratulations on a new milestone! Certainly glad we got to meet here blogging. Keep up with the great posts! Wow, thanks for including me in your list too, much appreciated! Hope you have a thrilling Thursday!😄😸⛄🎄

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  4. Regular blogging is not only hard work, innovation or ideas, it is also about discipline and regularity.
    And regularity, creating stories out of thin air are your forte.
    I always look forward to reading your blogs, though I have not kept up in the last two months, owing to some personal reasons.
    Have a great 2020 ahead!

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  5. Thank you so much. I am glad I found your blog and got to know you. Your blog has taught me many things about seeing life in a more positive way. Congrats on 200 followers

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Hey Michelle, Thank you for stopping by ✨ Glad that i found you too. through your blog i found that I’m not alone and learners more about my conditions also it helped us to overcome that. thanks for your time reading 🤗 Have a beautiful day ✨👌

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  7. Congrats on a new milestone Simon! ❤ Wow, you’ll soon surpass me 😆
    Btw, why have you disable the comments on the last two chapter of Katie and Jeremiah’s story? Or is it by mistake? Just curious.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Thank you Jessica, haha tat not gonna happen 😂😂 besides i dont blog for followers, i need people like you.and grateful for it. Oops i did it again🤐😖 How did i let that happen again😭😭. Let me correct it. Thanks for highlight Jessica.


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