Jeremiah – Part 8 – Fast forward a little

This part is going to be a little boring and in a fast forward mode. Hope you don’t mind reading things that is not much detailed as we are about to reach the next important plot of this story. Happy Reading!

Katy and Jeremiah had a drive that day and spent the evening with Joey Agnes and Katy Jeremiah. They had a feast that night, party threw by Joey & Agnes for Jeremiah being committed for the first time.

Agnes was excited for them both.

After party Jeremiah carried Katy like a baby in his hands and walked inside the house. Katy looked at his eyes and kissed him in his chest.

Jeremiah laughed “haha stop that little baby”

Katy did it again, Jeremiah replied “Looks like i carry a bad baby here, time to teach her a lesson”

Jeremiah dropped her in his bedroom. Katy looked at him “Is that it?”

Jeremiah removed his t-shirt “You think?”
Jeremiah jumped on bed and Katy slowly came close to him, and the night for Katy became one to remember.
Next morning Katy woke up first as the sunshine touches her face only to realize where she is and quickly removes the bed cover to see her lover boy missing. Katy covered herself with bed covers and waited for Jeremiah.

Jeremiah entered the room with two coffee cups “Rise and shine Katy”

Katy looked at the coffee “Oh! that was very sweet of you. I badly need a coffee now. You do this all day?”

Jeremiah gave her the coffee and sits next to her “Yes i do! who else is there to take care of this house, except my maids?”

Katy sipped her coffee and looked outside the window and looked at the green lawn and Joey outside he digs something inside his car. Katy asked “is this him? always digs something in his car? whenever i see, he washes his car or cleans his car ”

Jeremiah puts his hand on her shoulder “That man you see is my best friend. He worked really hard for us to get married. Here we are now. And guess what? he had arranged our marriage and party next month 1st week”

Katy shocked “What? i have to inform my parents, and lot more things to do for me, how could you arrange just like that? ”

Jeremiah sips his coffee again “See, Joey is responsible for all this arrangement. Blame him for anything that is wrong. And one more thing, your parents seems impressed with me and your dresses for marriage can be chosen from here we have our fashion team to deliver it here after your mom is home”

Katy coughed “What? how?”

Jeremiah keeps his coffee cup aside and hugs Katy from behind “Because i met them and informed about everything”

Katy with mouth open “I am not believing you” she searched for her phone which was under covers she took it and started to dial her mom number and she answered

“Hi Mom!”

“Hi Katy! how are you my little girl? How was your night with Jeremiah? you don’t have to say anything darling. We met him and we are so happy for you. We will be there in a week, i will help you with all the marriage works”

“Mom! How did you know that?”

Her mom laughed “We know everything and your 5 year journey, that kid is been talking to us for a really long time”

Katy hang up her phone and looked at Jeremiah “For real? what else i don’t know? it’s full of surprises already” Katy lies back in bed feeling exhausted with things moving fast.

Jeremiah joined her in bed “One more thing! Joey is my friend and personal assistant, body guard and trainer and dietician”

Katy giggled “You missed maid and care taker stuff, poor him what else you want him to do because he is your friend? but you got the right person, i would have done the same if i need someone to spy on you”

Jeremiah snapped “He is not a spy!”

Katy smiled “Well, he will be if i appoint him.”

Jeremiah asked “Oh yeah! i can see my possessive wife talking already”

Katy laughed “Is it? you have lot more to see” They both hugged again and started to play each other on bed again ..

The very next day Jeremiah asked her to move in with him and in a month they were about to get married.

Katy walked out in slow motion in her wedding gown as she holds her fathers hand and walked straight. Jeremiah stood already next to Priest and looked at the beauty of Katy walks together with her dad.

The father priest said the prayers they both exchanged the rings. They walked out together looked around Joey and Agnes and all their friends jumped happily made some noise for the couple.

Katy throws her flower and Agnes catches it. The crowd cheers for the couple.

Katy and Jeremiah gets in their car.

Jeremiah asked”Where do you want to go?”

Katy looked at him in joy “Old age home, the place where i saw you for first time”

The car started to speed up on the highway. After 5 hours they parked the car in a resort. They spent their romantic night on that hotel. Next morning they reached the old age.

When they entered the old age home people were so happy to see Jeremiah with a girl. When Jeremiah announced he got married, people roars in happiness. Jeremiah runs into each people and played with them and got their blessing and they also had so much fun with our charming Jeremiah.

Katy sat their admired Jeremiah, Just like she did on first day, she completely forgot she is married, she went back to 5 years and recreated the lovely memories after their wedding.

Jeremiah danced played and did magic tricks, Katy joined Jeremiah when he cooked, Katy watched him sweat and play with everyone. This time Katy opens up his real name and her name to the old people, they still called him Santa when they waved a good bye to both of them.

The very next day the trip continued to saint maria orphanage, Father George shocked to see the girl who came five years ago is now coming with Jeremiah.

George “Jeremiah! She found you?”

Jeremiah smiled “Yes father, she found me and chased me for 5 years for this and here we are now, your blessings father”

They both laughed together George blessed them both and said “Katy, i never thought you will find him”

Katy winked at him. They both took the Kids to the nearest mall and the Kids were so excited to choose things for them. They almost covered all the products in the shop. Jeremiah was so happy to give them all they wanted.

That evening spend with so much of fun and dance along with kids Katy and Jeremiah.

Later that night, they started to leave the Orphanage. Father George blessed them both.

Jeremiah got inside his car and holds Katy’s hand “Thank you Katy for bringing me to my most favorite place and my favorite people”

Katy kissed his hand “This is what i love the most of you, the way you spend time with people and making them happy, i can watch it all day”

Jeremiah face changed a little and released her hand. Katy asked “What happened?”

Jeremiah smiled “Nothing, time for flight we are going to spend two days in an island”

The car started and they traveled to airport.

Jeremiah starts to sweat a little when he try to remember the blurry images he had seen.

Jeremiah and Katy reached the airport and they flew together. Katy was tired and slept at the shoulder of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah kept his eyes wide open and started to think back to his past.

Jeremiah, when he was 11 years old….

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*Note: my grammar is really bad in all stories, and please don’t expect it to be perfect. I know some of you are native english speakers and annoyed with my english. May be one day i will write perfectly, but you need to wait. It won’t work out now. 😉 Believe me, People really tried it.

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