Jeremiah – Part 7 – Love you for a Thousand Years

Jeremiah stares at the emotional Katy who sits at the opposite with her hands folded and him with his never faded charming smile he lies back in his sofa.

Katy stares at him angrily and shakes her head in dismay.

Jeremiah looked above and stretched his arms and somehow the music started to play with a snap of his finger “A Thousand years by Christina Perri”

Katy’s eyeballs turns to left in a surprise, as the song is played with a snap of finger and she commented “Now he is performing magic, all I need is an answer and look what he does?” as she adjusted her glasses she started to look at the fishes in aquarium coffee table that’s between both of their sofa.

Jeremiah shoves his hands inside his sweat Jacket, Katy watched Jeremiah in corner of her eyes that is when he took an envelope and throws to the ceiling.

Katy raises her head to see the envelope vanish “Where it is?”

Jeremiah started to laugh and claps his hand.

Katy shows her hand in stop signal “Don’t do your magic thing and divert me, is this why you called me inside? To entertain? Sorry! I am not interested to watch anything. i need to leave, say Yes or No”

Jeremiah looked at her and raised his right eyebrows “There is something inside your tshirt?”

Katy with a puzzled face “What are you talking? katy got angry

Jeremiah snapped “i said there is something inside you need to see now”

Katy slowly pulls the neck of her t-shirt and stood up suddenly “Shit! What the hell is that? How does that come here?”

Katy mumbled herself “His stupid magic, got no place to put the envelope, how did he do that anyway?” Katy turns opposite to him just to hide what she is doing and pulls her tshirt and puts her hand inside, slowly took out the white envelope.

Jeremiah laughed again “ha ha ha, enough of cursing me, please take that and read out”

Jeremiah folds his arm and put a leg above another leg and lies back in his sofa and said “Open it up!”

Katy sits again in sofa like twister crosser, her eyeballs corner still stared at Jeremiah in one side and opens the envelope and she placed the cover on the coffee table side and opens it and starts to read silently. Katy’s eyes got wider when she saw the GJ icon in the header and further it got even bigger when she saw the appointment letter as a director of GJ group of companies and attached documents to hold some shares in his company.

Katy gritted her teeth and Jeremiah observed her eyes and face turns red she yelled “What the hell is this? Did I ask you for a job? or a favor from you or did i tell you i have poverty issues? ” Katy stared at him for a second and threw the envelope at him

“Don’t think i will leave you, i will come again and again and until you realize my love” with a shake in her voice and her eyes with water at the corner. She stood up when a drop of her tear fell down on the carpet, she started to walk out.

She hears an “I love you” a husky voice somewhere from far…

Katy stopped for a second as she heard that and she shakes her head as no, and mumbled herself “must be hallucination? have to see a mental health doctor” she started walk and adjust her glass and the hair near her ear.

As Katy about to reach the hall door, she hears the same song again “I Love you for a thousand years” she rolled her eyes, and took a deep breath and tightens both her palms together, she waited a second before she touch the door knob and she expected a call from Jeremiah.

No sound, the song stopped playing. Katy closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she almost broke and about to cry. She didn’t want to cry there and show him she is weak, as she did not gave up yet, her next plans start to run at her head, she turns the door knob.

A hand holds her hand. Katy froze.

It pulled her and rotates her like a doll at ease, and the face she saw close to her face was Jeremiah, and his lips slowly touches her as soon as she saw his face she closes her eyes and locks herself.

Jeremiah kissed her for a few second, Katy suddenly released from his lip lock and hits him in the chest while he still holds her inside his hands.

Katy yelled “What took you so long? huh? Why did you make me wait for 5 years?” she broke and hugged him and cried “i love you”.

Jeremiah laughed and pats her in the back “I Love you Katy, you know what? you ruined my plans”.

Katy came to his face with tears, “forget the plans, this is real isn’t it?” she asked with her teary eyed nd reddish face. Jeremiah smiled “hahaha, it is real dear Katy”

Katy asked “Is the plan was better than this one?”

Jeremiah releases her and said “i’m sure this is most memorable than my plans, You have not yet read the full document?”

Katy moved her glass to her forehead and wiped her tears “Why should i? I don’t need your job, i need you. Keep those papers with you”

Jeremiah raised his eyebrows “Are you sure? Don’t tell me that why I didn’t force you to read it”

Katy out of curiosity pulls the paper from his hands and reads further only to find the letter dated a month later from today under signed name was Katymiah. She started to laugh “you need to change that name over there, what was that Miah in the end? I am not changing my name for you, may be you can add my name for a change” she commented her face even got redder and teary as she smiled with full of happiness.

Jeremiah and Katy laughed back together. Katy asked “Why this appointment letter? is this a kind of selfish act? Im sure you are not selfish!”

Jeremiah replied “No! Never! It’s a gift for my future wife, you were there for past 5 years and you never gave up on someone who said no at every time you ask, and you never changed, i liked that. My Dad use to be like that, you know? he never give up on anything, i mean literally anything”

Katy tapped the appointment letter in her hand as Jeremiah talked, she replied “But, is that a qualification you think to run such a big company? you think i can run this company?”

Jeremiah replied “I am sure you can manage, i have watched your skills Katy. And I always know i cannot do this, i’m not the professional guy, as i told you many times, i hate goals! Your proposal gave me a chance to test you how adamant you are as i already know your skills, because i was never ready when all this came to my hand when i entered college and my dad passed away at same time. I always told my existing assistant directors about you, Things are not good at the company, i am sure you can pull this up. Is this time to discuss all this?”

Katy laughed “Ok, enough explanation, i am still not satisfied, i have lot of questions in my head, how did you do that magic? and Mathew, Tessa, John and i have so many questions and stories in my head, why did you do all this?”

Jeremiah shows a stop hand and ran upstairs to come back in a black jean and a blue denim, Katy amazed the way he looked.

He asked from the steps “Let’s go for a ride?”

Katy posed folds her hand on the front and leaned on the wall “Only if i drive?” she winked

Jeremiah threw the keys…

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*Note: my grammar is really bad in all stories, and please don’t expect it to be perfect. I know some of you are native english speakers and annoyed with my english. May be one day i will write perfectly, but you need to wait. It won’t work out now. 😉 Believe me, People really tried it.

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