Blogging did this

Hi Everyone!

Ever did that thing? You ask the readers to comment and you wordpress disable it🙄

Wish i could bang my head in real🤦

This is a random post.

I have not been active this week, as i was sick from cold. But i am okay now and quickly recovering from it. Feels like i have just released myself from a jail. God that was horrible.

What blogging did to me? Not to me, Technically it’s for my brain. Don’t point out i don’t have one, can we assume that i have one at least for this content?

How did i started blogging?

This post is to remind myself and my journey of blogging and to embrace the good thing i found through blogging. In exactly 31 days we are going to time travel to 2020. Technically that is the right term right? We do time travel to the future and it goes on🙄😐😲😜

My blogging journey begins on May 8 2019. Actually i joined WordPress before that, i was just a reader back then. Reading every book i get and almost all blogs i could see during my break time. And the spark lit in my head, No not the fire i am talking about. It is actually an idea to write a post and check how my writing skill are. And there my journey begun.😉

Before a blogger who i am? really?😲🤔

A perfect introvert☺️, hard to find on earth.😜 Always talks sweet and convincing🥰, sometime talks like a moron🤯 in the name of being straight forward and honest. Spends 70% of time in the mobile🤦, started reading books 1.5 years ago with “The Alchemist”. So this is me at 2019 May. I am literally that invisible person in the society. I hardly know people around and i am not proud of that, but can’t help myself on that.

Can you guess how many of my friends came to my marriage? 6 people, 2 are my school mate, 1 is my college mate and 3 people from my office. Oh i missed my managers 4 people, they just love me for no reason. Guess my birthday wishes each year 😉 From friends it would be 2 who always remembers my birthday and from family three to five people also remembers my birthday. And that’s all the people i earned. ☺️ I’m grateful to have this small genuine world.

And i have to tell this honestly, i couldn’t focus on things and i zone out often and have anxiety issues and often falls into depression by myself, This impacted me a lot in my career and personal life. If you let me sit on a chair for 5 mins at same position, i can give you 50 positions to sit on that chair. Oh! i am not comfortable sitting like a brain dead person. I keep thinking, and i think a lot. Oops! am i literally bragging about myself? Time to end this.

What has been changed?

That was a period where i use to spend almost most of my time reading books. I read a big novel for 3 months, can you believe it? such a snail kind of reader i am. Later, when i have no books, i began to start writing blog. This is my first blog “Past Regrets – Time Travel”.

My thinking has been completely changed, No more fogs on my brain. No more irrelavant talks. Lot of innovations, especially at my work place. But all negative things still exists in me somewhere far. And it comes out when i am not OKAY.

What blogging did to me?

I can sit on my chair like a brain dead person. So you can tell me i don’t have a brain now. And i still dont have friends around me, And I started to write stories and i can focus and my anxiety is recently been missing (I did took medicines for that😜).

This story telling habit was there since first blog post. I use to make short stories in office i make a lot of short stories to people just to inspire them with good stuff. Later it became a habit in blogging. Now i could write stories and my English? oh! that sucks, i am still learning that.

I often feel defeated with my English grammar knowledge.😒🤷 Some time some things are very alien to me.🤔 No clue why is that.

But that won’t stop me to write stories. I decided to turn my dreams in words. And i will do it everyday. No promise how far i can go or how long i can breath as it is always unpredictable. But i am always grateful what i have earned in this blogging, lot of lovely people and cultures that i was not aware and something inside me that i will embrace it every day..

And i must tell you i got three lovely people Jessica & Ribana both she’s motivates me all time even if i write bad and This “Steve” guy from canada makes me laugh and teases me most time along with his cat. Grateful to have them here 🥰..

What blogging did to you? Drop it on the comment box ✨🤗✍️

Would love to read that.


16 thoughts on “Blogging did this

  1. “turn my dreams in words” 👍👍👍 nice!
    Why only the initials? Ribby, Steve… we have a blogger to interrogate! 👺 Hope you’re completely heal soon. Have a great Sunday!❤️ It’s time for me to go to bed. 😴

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  2. Ha ha ha🥰😜😂 I’m editing this right away ✨😉 was actually wanted to ask all of you personally, now i did it😁 Yeah, im getting better ✨😉 Time for bed 🤒 Its raining again😭 Have a good night sleep Jessica✨😉🤗

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  3. I love supporting people who are new to blogging. Being a blogger is like finding a new world where people make friends with your words. No matter how hard it is to find readers, and how long it takes to build a following, please remember one fact: You started blogging for YOU — not to please others. The people who like what you write will stay with you. The ones who don’t will find others blogs they can relate to better.

    This is life. Writing is therapy. And sometimes the words you find on the page after writing a post help you understand the world — and yourself — a little better. 🙂

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  4. Oh no that won’t fix it. Ha ha ha 😜
    Gosh, rain sounds wonderful to me right now. Here is freezing. Ice on the road and if something falls its snow. Damn, I wish it would wait till Christmas

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  5. Well said Joelle, I do Blogging because it is completely a theraphy and it’s only for me not to please anyone. And all my writing made me see the world and me a lot better than before. and I’ll continue to do it😉👍 Have a beautiful day Joelle🤗✍️

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  6. Yesterday when I was reading the post I saw that the comments were unable 🤪
    I hope you are feeling better Simon! Is it winter time? Be careful…Here in Singapore is always hot but I still get cold and flu 🤪🤪
    Blogging is like a therapy I guess…is like our corner where we can write our thoughts, interact with people all over the world, discovering new things and keep us healthy…it is also struggling to find time to write or read but is rewarding! Being part of this community is wonderful! I’m glad it is helpful for you and step by step we can do everything we want! Just keep going and never give up Simon!
    Thank you for including me and always grateful for your support too!
    Have a wonderful week! Happy blogging! 😊🤗

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  7. Hi Ribana, Thanks for your time☺️ Comments were disabled at first and thats why the edit and the first gif 😜😂 Yes its winter, no matter what i often get sick either its cold or some foreign fever😁 It is tough to manage time and write blogs during breaks and publish it after so much editing😉Sigh✨☺️ But its rewarding indeed. Sure i am not giving up. My pleasure to incluse such special bloggers like you, Jessica and Steve, i couldve mentioned Huguette but as she is not active anymore couldnt do that. Have a great weekahead ✨🤗👍✍️

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  8. Haha😂😂, You will hate the rain if you see here, our engineers are from moon, they build with some science so that water actually will not enter the draining system and stays on road 😲 can you believe it, 🤷 . Looks like the snow is early for you this time, Time to enjoy it isn’t it 😁😜✍️

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  9. Oh believe I know how horrible and how much trouble rain can give. Back in the Philippines during the wet season, it floods so bad it took our stuff inside the house with it…😂

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  10. You too were a victim of rains once😲 Yes it does horrible things, especially during monsoon😒. Thanks for your time Jessica. Have a beautiful day ✨😉👍

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