Jeremiah – Part 5 – First Day

It was her first day,…

Katy and Agnes together walks in the college hall, when Katy stood frozen Agnes walked forward and did not notice Katy stopped, she saw Jeremiah & Joey was running towards the class as he was chased by a group of his friends, Katy’s face froze with a small smile at the corner of her lips and open mouth when she saw the same charismatic smile that physique Katy just melted on that place.

Agnes after a while realized Katy wasn’t with her, she turns back with her bag on chest only to find Katy stood there in the middle of the hall with her blue jean and a denim jacket holding her bag just like Agnes holds in front of chest, the way she stood with a smile on her face with mouth open. Agnes walks back to her slowly smiling and waved her hand in front of her face, there was no reaction, she then pinches her, Katy said “Ouch! What’s that for?”

Agnes replied “For standing like a statue. guess what? you have seen him? did you?”

Katy blushed again “Yes and he just entered OUR Class” Katy’s eyes got big and she jumped in excitement.

Agnes looked her in surprise “wow! amazing” both excited girls walks happily entered into the class.

The boys have settled in the class, through face book Katy could recognize few faces that ganged up around him, but her eyes locked at Jeremiah.

Katy shows Joey and Jeremiah from the crowd and asked her to bargain and get two seats next to them. Agnes eyes brightens when Katy shows Joey “He is hot isn’t it, What you want me to do? I will do anything for you for showing me such cute guy” Katy stared at Agnes and looked at her quizzically for why she gets excited.

Katy watched Agnes convince other students to give two seats next to Joey and Jeremiah and looked at Katy and shows thumbs up symbol to indicate she got the seats, Katy full of smiles she hung her head and hid her smile and walked fast and sits next to Agnes.

Agnes looked at Joey and started to admire him, she watched his big biceps and the picture perfect face, she whispered to Katy “did you see that? He is going to be mine “

Katy pinched her on her shoulders “Stop it Agnes! You just saw him”

Agnes Snapped “Well, someone have traveled 650 km’s just to see a guy, because she saw him just a day”

Katy rolled her eyes “Alright! whatever”

Agnes started with a flirting smile “Hi I am Agnes and she is my best friend and roommate Katy”

Joey smiled “Hi Girls, I am Joey, and he is Jeremiah”

Katy says “Hi Joey” and shook his hand and staring at Jeremiah she says “Hi Jeremiah”

Jeremiah slowly turns his head above from his phone, the green eyes and an extra canine tooth on one side, he adjusts his hair that falls on his fore head, and Katy controlled her face reaction and started dreaming again. The charismatic smile “Katy and Jeremiah alone in that hall, and she walks close to him and holds his hand, she stared at him in his eyes, he looked a her eyes and they came closer”.

Jeremiah smiled looked at both of them and makes a small nod and gets back to his mobile and said “sorry girls, got a game to finish” he winked. Katy waited for handshake and froze as she was zoned out staring at him, Agnes poked her, “he is playing in his mobile”. Katy came back to reality and hung her head down looking at her table. Tapping her fingers on table as she got a little nervous to sit aside near Jeremiah, She kept her hand on her chin and pretends to look somewhere and watched Jeremiah, she was enjoying every inch of him as she was almost sitting close.

Katy thought something and released her chin from her arms and pokes Agnes to move behind Jeremiah so that she can talk to Joey. Agnes looked at her “What? Joey?” she whispered.

Katy said “Agnes i just want to invite them for my next event, need to know if they can Volunteer” Agnes agreed with half heart and pulls her chair and silently moves behind Jeremiah and Katy moves next to Joey and whispered “Hi! umm… I like your busy friend, he always like this playing in mobile”

Joey looking at his mobile “ha ha ha, not really, we just kept ourselves busy on holidays with a game, and everyone likes him. He is a crazy guy”

Katy smiled “I could feel that, you know what? I don’t know if you guys are interested, But can you guys possibly join an activity I am planning next week?”

Joey nodded his head and said “sure thing, we love fun, what kind of activity that would be?”

Katy explains about the plan and the visit to an orphanage or old age home depends on appointment to help whatever we could, Joey agreed. Joey then explains the same to Jeremiah, Jeremiah moves his head and looked at Katy and said “That is so kind of you Katy, ask us for any help, it is our pleasure to help good hearts like you”

Professor interrupted “enough of gossips, and today is our first day of class…” he continued.

Katy ignored him continued with Joey “So you guys are interested? Let’s meet up after class?”

Joey smiled “sure thing for Katy” Katy’s eyes now even got brighter and bigger for the positive approach at the very first day.

Agnes pulled Katy’s hair and whispered in her “can I sit with my boyfriend?”

Katy rolled her eyes “Alright! i am not going to eat your boy friend” and she chuckled and says “Joey, let’s meetup at evening” and she moved back to her place, Agnes continued her flirt with Joey.

This way Joey, Agnes, Katy and Jeremiah became friends. They had participated in almost all of the social volunteer activity and some activities even like cleaning beaches, go green and plastic awareness. Joey and Jeremiah were there present in all the occasions together. Katy loved and admired Jeremiah on each occasion but she never made a move to talk with him. That is the only way Katy could see Jeremiah in close, but hardly speaks to him but admired his work all the time. Poor Katy wasn’t brave enough to ask him for a a date, and she never tried to impress anyone with her look.

One day When Katy and Agnes walked by a beach together, when she saw Jeremiah’s face on a boat with a quote “God exists” Katy ran inside the tied boat to find a bearded man eating fried fish and drinks he asked “who are you girls?”

Katy and Agnes looked at each other in shock Katy started “You know that guy you drew on your boat?”

The man’s face brightens “You know him? I am Mathew, I have been searching him for long” he quickly washed his hands and wiped his hands in his jeans and came close to the girls and asked them to sit comfortably.

Katy and Agnes sits there and asked him how he know him, Mathew said what happened that night, both girls listens to his story, Katy got excited to hear the whole story and at the end Katy voluntarily “No we don’t know him, but I met him once in an Orphanage, like you did, so I thought if you know him, we thought we could see him again”

Mathew smiled “I wish I knew him too, My daughter is happy now, she goes to school and my grandma passed away in a month as he said, as soon as my daughter goes to school, me and my grandma had very good time in her last days, I must thank him for giving me hope when i needed”

Katy and Agnes stood up from the boat “Thanks Mathew, Nice meeting you”

Mathew smiled and nodded, Katy and Agnes came out of the boat and continued their walk, Agnes asked “Why didn’t you say we know him?”

Katy looked at the beach and continued to walk, after few minutes “See, he does everything and never took a credit or never told about him to anyone. He is not doing this for any fame, this is him, Let him be the way he is. Let him be remembered as unknown” Katy looked at sky and took a deep breath closing her eyes.

Agnes shakes her head with a smile “You never going to change, you have been following him for months, and why don’t you just ask him for a date”

Katy blushed “I wish I could say, but every time I saw him, I just lose myself to him, i freeze” Katy looked at Agnes with a pity face.

Agnes hits her head “For God sake Katy, look at us, Joey and Me, as simple as that, go and call him for a date, 90% of our college mates have a date, and look at you?”

Katy snapped “He is one of that 10% and me too”

Agnes laughed “So you never going to tell him?”

Katy shakes her head for no “No no, I will, I have to, but… how, i can’t?” she made a crying face and looked at Agnes “but if you can help me?”

Agnes rolled her eyes “No don’t ask me for help, I am not a mediator”

Katy pinches her both chin and shakes “aren’t you my only best friend to help me?”
Agnes released herself “No I am not” and started to run. Katy starts to run behind Agnes…

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  1. Thanks for your time Ribana, Is it ok now to fall in love with Jeremiah?✨😉 He has got lot of good qualities isnt it☺️😉😀 Let’s see who is pushing her to propose..

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