Jeremiah – Part 4 – Agnes

One fine day morning, After a few weeks Katy lefts the orphanage she reached her friend house.

At 7 am in the morning leafy streets rusted old gate and Katy with just her travel bag and a jean shorts and a tank with full of sweat because of a long walk, Katy enters the gate and knocked at a door tired.

After multiple attempts, door knob turns and a sleepy head scratching her uneven hair to make her hair even more messier opens the door with still sleep in her eyes and it got big when it saw Katy, “Oh Shit!” she exclaimed and closed the door.

Katy shocked by her reaction jumps a second and knocked again “Hey Agnes! Open the door”

After a few minutes Agnes replied “Go away! I am not coming for any more adventures with you”

There was a silence, Katy kept her bag down in the corner of the stair and sits on the stair and removed her left shoe and looked inside to find some sands and started to clean it my tapping the shoes inverted on the stairs continued “I have come here to just study, no more adventures hiking”

Agnes broke the silence and asked “Are you sure? Where you want to study?”

Katy wears her shoe back on her feet and cleans her hand by rubbing on her thighs “Yes, any college you study”

Agnes opens the door and walked out in her pajama holding her hands in her hips and stared at Katy “Why? Don’t you have plenty of colleges outside, you can stop bothering me and join in a good college and stay somewhere. Because of you we stuck on a lonely forest for 2 days without food and water just because you find that exciting and adventurous, and I? was shifted here to another school and spent my last 2 years like a jail. Enough of Katy’s adventure. ”

Katy looked her sadly “That’s old story, you still remember that? i said i am sorry at that time itself. Aren’t you my only friend? I have traveled more than 650 km’s just to see you and spend my next 4 years with my best friend and all she could say is enough of Katy?” Katy looked her with green eyes.

Agnes looked at her, stop staring at me like this, with a huge sigh Agnes sits next to her and her head down said “I am sorry, I was just angry at you as you were not in connection with me even online. I really missed you a lot”

Katy says “i missed you too baby, i was too busy being a volunteer in our school group, and i am sorry” they both hugged each other.

And Agnes continued “So, what excites you this time?”

Katy looked at her eyes “didn’t I just told you, I want to study”

Agnes stared at her blank “I am not buying that”

Katy chuckles “A handsome boy” Katy blushes and quickly stood up and takes her travel bag and ran inside Agnes house.

Agnes paused from shock a moment “Boyfriend?” and yelled “Hey! Who is he, where is he? Katy, tell me more about it… pls…” she ran inside the house behind Katy.

Katy and Agnes got ready for breakfast and Katy in the middle of the kitchen applies cheese and arranges vegetables inside the burger and Agnes on the other side mixing juice for both of them.

Agnes started “So, what this is all about? when you going to tell me about it?”

Katy started from the beginning and their story continued till they walk into a college. Katy stopped at getting the unknown number from orphanage and looked at her mobile. She started “How about a cold coffee?”

Agnes rolled her eyes “No, story first”

Katy repeated “I am tired of walking, I need Cold Coffee”

Agnes rolled her eyes again and walks in to the nearest canteen and got a cup of cold coffee and gave it to Katy, Katy jumped “Thank you!”

Agnes continued “now, what happened then?”

Katy pats her back “Admission first, i need to update my dad i got an admission and not roaming around again with my social side” Agnes hits her head with her palm “you should’ve told me that first…. “ she grunted “you and your dad..”

The two girls together then completed the formalities to join the college, Katy then calls her dad and gave update about the successful admission.

That same day evening Agnes and Katy together again started to go for a walk in nearby park.

Agnes started “You are not leaving this park without telling me what happened then”

Katy looked at her and smiled with bright eyes she continued as if she is telling a horror  story “I heard a voice “Hi!” and then I disconnected the call. When we have social media why should I call someone and check, I quickly did a google search and Facebook search and found a profile called Joey, next step was to find the person named Jeremiah. And voila! I found him. And also found a selfie picture of Joey and Jeremiah and a group of young people for the successful admission at Tampa University, so I am here, with you, got admission, and same college” She winked at Agnes.

Agnes looked at her shock “You are a serious planner dude. Come on, did you met him? Or going to meet him?

Katy covers her mouth and yawned “i saw him online, that’s it. We will meet him n our first day of college”


Somewhere in an unknown place, It was a cold night, when suddenly Jeremiah jumps from a tree and catches the neck of a man walks by and threatens “Hey Jonathan, come lets go for a ride in your boat.”

The man replied “I am not Jonathan i am Mathew”

Jeremiah smiled “Whatever it is, come let’s go, it’s urgent”

Mathew replied “ok ok, is this the way of asking? release me i will come.”

Jeremiah released and smiled “ha ha ha Mathew, sorry about the shocking”

Mathew looked at him in shock and ran away as fast as he could yelling “Crazy man”

Jeremiah stood there and looked at the sky and smiled as the skies could hear his hysterical laugh.

A kid was bed ridden and she was laughing hard looking at Jeremiah’s little magic turning her ball into an apple and making a cup of tea from empty glass.

Looking at this her mom gets emotional and says “For the first time after 6 months she is laughing, thank you so much” her mom smiled and said “doctor gave only few months to live, but she crossed six months, i wish some miracle would happen” she prayed.

Jeremiah kisses the kid and said “You are going run to school next month, don’t you ever worry about your disease.” he whispered in the kids ear “i have stolen the virus from you, you are free now” he winked

The kid laughed again and said “thank you uncle, and mom i am going to run to school next month” the kid blushed  “hey daddy! i like your new friend”. Jeremiah turns

Mathew enters the door and shocked seeing his daughter and Jeremiah and everyone around him laughing. His wife looked at Mathew “Look at our kid, she is energetic and laughing after she saw your friend”

Mathew stared at Jeremiah and he asks Jeremiah to come. Jeremiah kisses the kid and waves a good bye to the kid.

The kid asked “when will you come again?”

Jeremiah winked at her “anytime you needed my angel”

Mathew walked with him and Jeremiah sings some random song.

Mathew asked “Why are you doing this?”

Jeremiah looked at him “Singing? uhhhh! that’s my old habit, can’t stop it”

Mathew asked “Not that, why did you come to my home, and what about all the lies you told my daughter?”

Jeremiah stopped under a street light and looked Mathew closely and kept his both hands on his shoulders “Mathew i am going to tell you a good news, your kid is going to walk and run to school next month” if that is not happening ask me.

Mathew looked in shock “Don’t play with my feelings, what do you want? ride? come let’s go, i will make the ride free for your stupid lies”

Jeremiah ran in front of Mathew and yelled and smiled at same time “Believe Mathew, you must believe, Just like you believe and pray every night in front of your god, who never replied. What i said is true, your dream will come true, and spend your time with your Mom at death bed outside she got only few months”

Mathew asked “If none of that happened?”

Jeremiah stopped and turns back looked at him in one eye “you don’t believe me right, you can meet me at Saint maria orphanage i come there every 90 days once, you can question me in front of all the kids if your kid didn’t go to school next month, if she goes to school next month, do me a favor, donate whatever you can every month to this orphanage” and Jeremiah ran towards his boat.

Mathew stunned by his superstitious response walked behind him and looked at the boat “Who is this old man? yours? when did he come?”

Jeremiah looked at him “He is celebrating his 80th birthday and guess what? he wants to die in a boat, can you believe? not your boat, don’t be panic. you know why ? because he is crazy ha ha ha ” Jeremiah looks at sea and howls.

Mathew starts to enjoy his presence and commented “You are a crazy fellow too, come lets go”

That night Mathew gave a ride to the old man and Jeremiah, for an hour Jeremiah danced and sings with old man and played some music using the metals they got in boat. Mathew enjoyed with them as well. They together cooked a fish and all 3 of them enjoyed it and then Mathew dropped them back at beach at midnight 12 am. Jeremiah surprised the old man with cake cutting celebration at the middle of the night, the old man looked at Jeremiah and hugged him with tears in his eye. Jeremiah commented laughing “You can’t die in the boat, and you can’t die without me either” the old man pinched him in his shoulders and all three of them laughed. A night of fun and laughter.

After 30 days George and Jeremiah inside a cemetery looks at the picture of the old man that traveled that day, above a grave yard with lot of flowers and notes from his friends and family covers the freshly cemented cemetery, Jeremiah and George have made the final prayers and turns back to the orphanage. They received a box of fruits and vegetables with a note

“To Jeremiah, It happened and we are happy. This is for orphanage. Thanks Mathew” Jeremiah smiled looking at the note.

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