Life Lesson – Vers 12 – Success

What is Success?

Success, seems to be a serious word for many. Real meaning of success is achieving desired goals or plans in your business or job or in your professional life.

Mostly it is all about attaining wealth or a job position or fame or money or a social status isnt it? or may be it’s more than that.

Its not BIG

Sorry about the yelling at the end. But honestly tell me about it, why is this word success is always treated so big so high, so that it feels hard to reach them, is that mean the goals are set at higher standards?

It’s not fair. Success is overrated. Why? because it doesn’t deserve that much higher opinion. The pre-defined goals is not a goal at all.

People have already designed our goals, becoming a wealthy person, winner of all projects, being a CEO of a reputed company, and lot more goals.

Like wise there are so many goal ideology that has been shoved already on people head, and everyone follows that and striving for that so called success their entire life.

Think Success once again?

Success is not something you accomplish, it’s something how you see it.

Mr. Nuseir From Nas daily he is from israel and he made 1000 One minute videos of people all around the world. When his country sent a rocket to moon with his video in it, it got crashed on the moon. When this was asked with Mr. Nuseir he said “i made it to the moon”.

Here, he didn’t made it to moon, the rocket with his video also didnt make it and got crashed. But atleast the rocket with his video hits the moon. That’s what he saw as success.

When Mr.Steve from Steve country blog asked me

“How would you define a successful blog?”

This was my answer

Success? What success? I write and few people regularly likes it you call that a success? I got the world’s best blogging partners and friends, you call that a success? i have my own definition of success and i achieved it already. Blogging without a long break and having good people to comment and encourage our writings all time itself a humungous success.

What do i mean “Success”?

I mean success is how we see it. Not any accomplishment. I want to get rich? and if i try it everyday, that itself a success!

You want to get a promotion? and you go to office and do your work everyday? that’s a success! even if you fail to get promoted, you still tried, that’s still a success.

Instead of making this word Success a heavier one, make it light as a failure. Easily reachable to everyone and make a new meaning for Success.

Thanks for reading βœ¨πŸ€—βœοΈ

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