Love Yourself

A 17 year old kid is smoking weed and tobacco, his reason to smoke is his parents are divorced and none of them cares about him.

A 25 year old kid is been scratching his forearm with a knife, blood oozing out from his skin, when asked why he is doing this, he said his girlfriend name was tattooed, now she dumped him, to ease out that pain he hurts himself.

An 18 year old kid is been taken to a mental health care, because she is depressed and drinking for long and she is out of control, when investigated why she is drinking, she is been drinking because her step dad tries to molest her.

A 21 year old girl was arrested for attempting suicide, because their parents did not allow her to marry her boyfriend.

A 40 year old business man found dead in his bed, cause of death is his loss of business.

An 18 year old kid caught trying to kill himself hanging at home with a note found “Not my fault I am gay”

You might wonder why I posted so many negative scenarios here. Ewww! That’s too much negativity to handle right now.

All of these are true incidents I have seen; many are read and experienced, except one thing, not everyone is saved here. Most of them are not alive now.

What was their mistake?

Their mistake is they tried to hurt themselves. That is the biggest dumbest mistake one can do. Hurting one own self is not an answer to any queries or questions that we had in life.

It does not solve the problem. It never does.

How people are pushed into self-harming?

I blame the society; I blame the society for teaching these kids on how to hurt themselves, and for not teaching how to face the problems in their life, but to face the mobile for all problems and take meaningless decision.

This is insane!

Love Yourself

Life always throws all the shit at you. It never stops. You only keep learning to live how to face the trouble.

When we are madly in love with someone we do anything for them, even if it meant to lose our life for them. I want you to do the same to yourself. Love yourself madly deeply sincerely and never ever give up on you. The way you treat yourself shows how responsible you are and how will you treat others in your life.


12 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Wow, those scenarios really scared me.
    It’s crazy how these kind of people exist in this world, in fact more of them exist than we can imagine. Loved the quote at the end, in our current society where people either don’t care about anybody else or they care about anyone, we need someone we can rely on to always love us. That person should be ourselves.

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  2. Thought provoking! At times, I feel that I am being harsh with myself and try to exert too much and try to do too much.
    At times, I do feel lack of energy but I try to carry on. Yet, now I think whether I am trying to do justice on myself, and with a not so healthy state of mind and body, whom can I benefit?
    Yet, the demands of modern lifestyle, stress and other things, and social creatures around us make us feel squeezed.
    End result- a Dilemma. Yet suicide is never a valid option.
    It is better to have some sort of counseling, or have a friend with whom we can share even when we feel that everything is lost and we are the worst!

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  3. Hi Saania✨ Thanks for reading. Its crazy how these people still exists😒 Love your view on this topic. Thanks for sharing a wise comment. Have a beautiful day✨🤗✍️


  4. Hi Peeyush, Times will test us, but remember we are always best and we can survive this. Yes it is painful but overcoming it is a true achievement. Love yourself, cause there is no better version of you. ✨🤗✍️

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  5. It is so easy to fall in love with another but so hard to love yourself. I’ve taken time to love my flaws and appreciate my weakness. But it has been a long journey to accept who I am and still, I am not 100%.

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  6. So true Simon and very sad that people choose to heart themselves!
    You are right, I blame society too! Unfortunately lots of people can’t see it and sadly they think that that’s the solution but is not and will never be!
    We must love ourselves and believe in ourselves! Always!

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