Life Lesson – Vers 11 – Asset

What is your asset?

Don’t show me bank statements, don’t show me your luxury car, dont show me your luxury house. All these toys are not your asset.

What is your asset?

Don’t be too wise now, I know what you will say. Great people are your greatest assets. Isnt it?


That is exactly not true.

Even the great greatest people leave you and you still ends up nothing.

What is your asset?

Al right, al right, Don’t be angry. I’ll tell you this time. I’ll begin this with a quote.

He who plants kindness gathers love – Saint Basil


Mother teresa – Dedicated her entire life for poor and all she gave is pure love and founded the missionaries of Charity
Clarissa Harlowe Barton – A nurse by profession serving people injured in wars, later Founded Redcross in US
William Booth – Dedicated his life for poor in london, Founder of salvation army

No i am not giving a list full of famous people, and i am not going to say Be like them and be famous.

It’s not about fame. It’s all about the unconditional love all of them into with People. They loved the people unconditionally and dedicated their life for good.

They have not earned money but people live and respect for centuries, Young generations read about them get inspired by their works and that will continue after generations, and they still live. This is a true asset.

I reiterate more simply, Kindness is the true asset you can give for free and earn hearts of millions people.

What you think is your real asset? Drop your views on comment box.

Thanks for reading 🤗✨✍️

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12 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Vers 11 – Asset

  1. True words, loved reading this.
    Humans are the only mammals with a prolonged gestation period. Other creatures rely on support for a brief time before becoming self-reliant. We are powerless at birth and depend on our caregivers to provide us with all our needs.
    So if you think about it, kindness is sewn into the framework of our DNA, we are literally wired for being kind! (And yet ,imagine, so many people are the complete opposite) 😞

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  2. Hey Saania✨🤗 Thanks for reading. Well said, as humans we are literally wired for being kind, unfortunately for many the focus on kindness stays within themselves. This value of asset once realised life will be awesome✨☺️ Have a beautiful day Saania🤗✨✍️


  3. As I consider our miniscule portion of the universe, I remember the words, “As above, so below.” Fractals, by any other name. The universe is a violent place filled with death and rebirth. How can we know kindness if we don’t understand it’s opposite?

    Do humans have the potential to evolve a mind that can break free of of this cycle? From what I’ve seen happening world-wide, we’re falling into the same patterns Santayana warned us about — we’re forgetting our history and starting to repeat it. Those of us who have survived are progeny of those ruthless enough to do anything they had to in order to live another day.

    I’d love to live in a a universe filled with kindness. At present, all I can do is appreciate the tiny sparks of it that have appeared in my life, and be grateful for their presence.

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  4. Hi, Thanks for your visit ☺️ and thanks for your time reading mine🤗 I do not know about Santayana, But thanks for mentioning, it led me to read and know about him☺️. Your thoughts on this are just amazing. Loved reading your words. Its same, I would love to live in a universe filled with kindness, at present i can only appreciate those tiny sparks and live grateful for this spark and what i have around. Have a wonderful day✨🤗✍️

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