What do you mean International school?

Hubby, its time we should start searching international school.

Wait, International School? Let me ask you few questions.

Huh Huh! what questions?

Is the school founder from another country?


Hmm🤔 are they following exact education system followed in cambridge? or any other international education system.

No, thats kind of Cambridge but actully our country system but different from local schools.

So, the teachers are from other country?


Are these fellow students from another country?

No, but maybe anglo indians will be there.

Hmm hmm🙄. At least is the security guard from another country?


omg, well, what kind of international school that is then 🤔?


5 thoughts on “What do you mean International school?

  1. Sadly, This is what happening here. People do huge business starting international schools, from the founder till the security including syllabus all are local.🙄 No idea where is international school is 😂😂

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