Candy bars

George is 6 years old. One day he walks by a shop and found a colour full of small candy bars in a bottle. He approaches the shop keeper and asks for candy bars.

Shop keeper asks how much he wants, he shows his both hands cupped together. Shop keeper looks at his hand and he says he can give that for 5 rupees, and asks the kid how much he got.

The kid says he doesn’t have any now and asks the shop keeper where he can get that. Shop keeper says the kid to ask his Dad.

George came home and asks his Dad for 5 rupees. His dad gave a stare at our young George and asks why he needs 5 rupees. He says about the candy bars he saw and also says the shop keeper asked 5 rupees from him.

His dad says that money will not come for free, it will only come through a hard work, and he takes our little George and asks if he could do a car wash, 5 Rupees will be paid as his salary and he can do anything with that.

George asks whether he can buy candy bars with it, his dad nods his head.

Excited little George spends an hour cleaning all the four tyres and came back to his dad. His dad asks what he did for an hour. He shows all the four tyres. A small grin on his face appeared, George looks happy now, he looks at his dad now with an ecpectation, without delay he gets two 5 rupees as a salary.

His dad also teaches him to spend the 5 rupees for him and save the rest for his future.

Happily George saves his one 5 rupee under his pillow and George rushed to the shop and gave the other 5 rupees to the shop keeper. He looks at the money and enquired the kid how he got the money. George explains how he worked and earned this money. A smile on his face, shop keeper says he is busy on packing a product and asks our George to take the candy by himself.

But little George waits for a long time. Shop keeper after an hour looks at the kid with empty hand and asks why he didn’t take the candy bars and leave.

George looks at his both hands cupped together and shows to the shop keeper and says his hands were small to take candy bars. If the shop keeper can take, he can take a lot of candy bars than fill his hands plus the pockets too.

Shop keeper laughs at the kid’s innocence, and takes his hands full of Candy bars, filled his cupped hands and pockets full of candy and made our little George the happiest kid that day.

Well that’s it… A little spark of imagination for the day✨😉 Hope you liked it.

Happy Weekend Everyone !!!

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5 thoughts on “Candy bars

  1. That is such a nice story. Indeed, it’s an inspiration. I hope everyone learns something from George’s father. He seems to be a really matured person 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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