I see GOD

Dear Readers,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Well my weekend is over. Wish you all a great Week ahead.😁Keep Smiling✨✍️

I see God

Yes, I see God. The first reaction i would get from netizens – “he is crazy!”

Yes i am crazy and i will say i see god everyday, because i did.

Let me show them for you.

  • People around the world helping the people by sending money through online to help them undergo critical treatments. That unknown people.
  • Unknown money that falls into a trustfund to help the poor. That unknown people.
  • A Farmer who makes us food.
  • A kid gives his box of lunch to another homeless kids. That Kid.
  • A man that collects balance food from hotels to avoid wasting it and give that food to poor and orphans without an expectation. That Man.
  • Lacs of people voluntered to provide, foods, clothes, sanitary pads and warm clothes temporary shelters for people affected in floods. That People.
  • A homeless man making shelter to street dogs and saw him cuddling dog to keep it warm. That homeless man.
  • A guy that gives free haircut and body wash to the homless people. That Guy.
  • The strangers who sit and talk with old people and take care of them till their last breath. That care takers.
  • People that always smile and make others smile hiding all their scars and pain. That People.
  • A Mother. That every Women in this world.

Did you see God now? Humanity, Love is God. It’s all around us. We just need to start, to see, what good is happening around and be part of it. We will see GOD everyday.

Happy Week ahead to all my dear readers💝

Thanks for reading🤗✨


16 thoughts on “I see GOD

  1. Hey Saania, Regrer i have made this comment section to “approve” mode. Ivr been disturbed by a spam blogger for some time.😊 Thanks for your time. Yes i wish others could think like that🤗✍️ Have a great Week ✨🤗


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