Handicapped Future

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Handicapped Future

The future generation is handicapped. No, Not the handicap thing i refer to. The future generation is handicap with our modern parents. This must be shocking for many of us. But let me tell you why?

Modern History

From the evolution of industries begun the modern history. Modern history times are fast, new Inventions, new scientists, new found technologies and the everyday upgrading life findings. Life is becoming easier every second.

Life is not the same like stone age, or bronze age. Earlier they had tough days, fought for life, survived each day through hard times. But they had a purpose of life on their own and they Lived! How is our life now? Easy, Safe and Secure. Thanks to the government and the scientists for making this life more easy with advance technologies.

Handicapped future

Good things on one side, There is a bug on this development on the other side. Guess what?

We have started a generation of human life that is feeling less, life less and that is more dependent on machines.The easy the life it gets with all our advanced technologies, there begun a new “Handicapped Future”.

No, i do not blame parents and their love towards their kids. What i am trying to say is, People who divert their kids by giving their mobile phones and gadgets to keep them busy.

A set of entire generation is now busy playing video games instead of playing out with their friends.

Most kids hates playground but loves play stations.

A set of generation is now no longer have to use their brain.

A simple math formula is worked out in calculator app.

Google says “everything”.

A set of spoiled generations are coming out learning all useless shit.

A set of generation don’t know how to have friends in real. They cannot face the reality.

They don’t know what is a true love/friendship.

For the modern generation, Friendship/love is all about following and liking and commenting everything they do on Facebook, instagram, and all messaging applications.

Break up is easy now a days, why? because the feelings are not taught to them, breakup is just a word for them.

The kid doesn’t know the value of “Love/Feelings/Life” Without technology the way we had our life, the way we learned good things of life is getting extinct.

I think the future is going to be more machine dependent. What is your thoughts, this advancement will lead to humanity & human extinction?

Sounds incomplete?🤔 No! that’s it. ✍️

Thanks for reading ✨☺️


16 thoughts on “Handicapped Future

  1. Hey Jessica, Thanks for your time. 🤗 Yes, People are becoming more machine dependant as the informations are very open from baby feeding to burying a body. 🥺🙄 Tragic indeed🙁

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  2. You said it perfectly right Simon: “A set of spoiled generations are coming out” and I completely agree with you!
    I don’t think technology is bad but exaggerating with it for useless things yes…
    I would ratter prefer them concentrating this technology in saving more lives that putting it all in social media.
    And yes, is very sad…nowadays people stay most of their time in front of a computer or phone and less and less time in front of other people…:(
    Have a great Thursday Simon!

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  3. Hey Ribanna, Thanks for your time✨✍️ Well said. Appreciate your comments and views. “People spend most of their time on gadgets and machines. Less Human to human time” Time should change.🙄✨😊 Hope it wil change✨😁✍️ Have a great Thursday🤗 U too✨

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  4. Hello Simon, i total agree with you, i would like to live about at least 80 years ago, in general people became more and more stupid, more lazy, people even prefer to to get money from states instead of going to work, even if there is a lot of jobs and they can win more money by working they dont care, many just care to eat a lot of good food to sleep and to make love, the rest doesn’t seems matter, at least from my observation, there are still normal people, but not so many👽🌈🤗

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  5. Hey ilona, Thanks for your time✨🤗 Appreciate your point of view. It is indeed true. Still normal people exists, but very soon dey wil be extinct. Lets Hope things will change✨🙂✍️

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  6. Soon to find some norm and good people will be exclusivity💚☀️you are very welcome Simon, thank you for such huge feedback on my blog, i appreciate it a lot👽👽

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  7. Well said. Parents are ruining children by making them addict of mobiles and other gadgets. New generation has no moral values and true feelings. They don’t understand the meaning of relationships.

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  8. Can’t agree more. Atleast in some ways we are losing what is human in us. Emotions, friendship, love, real fun, laughter. I think these days we become too mechanical, due to the over reliance on technology. For instance, while finding out the meaning of a new work earlier meant refering to a dictionary. That, a book in flesh. Now what do we do ? Google !! Same thing with conversations. Phone calls or the much awaited visits earlier are replaced by WhatsApp messages, and emotions by smilies.

    That said, there are pros to. For instance werent it for the same technology we wouldn’t have this very platform to share our views. Ultimately I think, change is the only constant. It is all about adapting to the changes without getting carried away.

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  9. I totally agree with you Simon! While technology can be a good thing, it can also be very bad. And more and more I think more bad is coming from it than good. People have lost the ability to have that personal contact, most don’t even want it anymore, especially with the younger generation just growing up. All they want is sit in front of a screen, but to get out and play with friends, forget it. They don’t know how to interact with other people. We have become lazy in so many ways now. Big topic, great thoughts Simon!!😁😸👍

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