Journey of Zzzz


It was a random month in this universe. A billion life came to this earth at same time including me. I am Mr. Zzzz.🙂

I came to this earth with a purpose just like everybody else. I had my own purposes and hobbies. I was happily flying around😄. My tiny little feathers will take me to the sky often. At least that is the way i feel it. Oh you know this? My feather’s sing.. Just like my name zzzz….🤭

My dad use to say a lot about living🙄. He use to say i should live the way i wanted to be. Also he gave lot of advice like never fly at light time🤨 i will disappear from this universe🤔, try to stick with darkness for a peaceful hunting😒. But he is not a man of a word. He went for hunting at a light time and never turned back.🧐

We love hunting, we hunt nutrients and vitamins and food in one hunt. It is always delicious liquid foods😋. Our preys are everywhere. They are 99% blind and not sensitive. They are different kinds. Some are covered with fur🙄, some are not.😏 Some are covered with multi color fur or something. Eventually we end up hunting our prey.😂

My mom advice me to not have hot food, she often says it is unhealthy and infected food. No idea what she meant.🙄

It is always fun flying during the dark. There are multi colored lights and smoke, no idea are they trying to welcome us with colors of lights or maybe they are always in party mode🥳. Our Prey makes noises in dark😜, Oh that was fun making the hunt at night.🤩

My life was awesome, until one day i was in dark waiting for prey and he looked not blind like others, suddenly light came over and i disappeared.

Oh! you might ask how i tell my story. I haunted my prey Mr.Simon.

Hope you enjoyed this short journey of my Mr. Zzzz…

Happy Weekend 😄✨✍️

Oh and Finally Simon has my Photo too. Here it is for you… Mr. Zzzz 🦟Hope you liked my Biography🤗

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3 thoughts on “Journey of Zzzz

  1. Hey Peeyush! Thank you so much for the appreciation. No i never knew about write india season. So kind of you for referring me to this. I’ll take a look one day🤗✨😀 Hope your day is awesome😊


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