The Pearl Ring – Part 2

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Ronnie said “hey! Did they sent you out too, I was expecting you”

She replied “Ronnie, we like each other, doesn’t mean that you can skip a class because I am late. Don’t do this again. All subjects are important”

He said “Amy! I don’t care ok! I don’t want to be in class when there is no genius of this college. Here take this sandwich and follow me” Amy looked at the sandwich her hungry stomach made her to grab it immediate and stared to eat.

Amy was looking at Ronnie; Ronnie had a cute laugh looking at Amy, Ronnie started to walk towards the playground.

The both toppers of the college was spending time on ground until next class.

Amy reached her home a little early that evening; she was searching kitchen in hope to find something to eat, she knew Kitchen is empty but she did search the entire kitchen once more with a bling hope to eat anything she gets. She found a protein bar half bitten in the fridge. Amy closed the fridge she had a glass of water and went back to her bed.

The house was in silence. Amy was lying in her bed staring at her wall; tears on one of her eyes fell down on her pillow.

Amy removed her prosthetic leg and looked at her leg and bit her lips touching her left feet felt emotional, and then she looked at her pearl ring. A cold breeze that was coming from the window touched her cheeks; she looked up and found she forgot to close the window.

She managed to stand in one leg, jumped and reached the window and locked it.

Back in bed Amy was looking at the ceiling and closed her eyes. She was in a deep sleep.

Amy was awake in her dream. She found all her pain in front of her eyes like she is in a projected room theater. Her cruel sister and her mom and all the shame and pain curses she had heard she had gone through everything was running around her like a movie.

Amy without much reaction watched all around her, she did not realize that was a dream.

Amy was emotional at that moment, her eyes were welled up. She heard a fascinating attractive voice of a young man far from that place.

Amy looked around her it looked like a dark forest, she looked up she could not find a sky or a moon.

“Come to me” a singing voice said. Amy walked forward towards the area where she heard his voice.

She was able see a red shadow in a few meters. Amy felt a little scary as more she moved forward a red eyed figure was getting close. Amy decided to stop, the red shadow of smoke started to move.

In a blink of an eye a handsome man appeared in front of Amy. Amy looked at his eyes which was red like a volcano she couldn’t take her eyes away from him. Amy was in a trance. A deep seducing voice began again.

“Amy, I am Lotharian you found this gin from the park, I’ll do anything for you. What do you want? “ Lotharian said almost in a soft singing tone.

Amy said “Gin? What do I need? Nothing! I am happy with what I have and happy to find a gin like you. Feels like a fairy tale” she lied. He moved like a cloud, came closer to Amy.

He was looking at her face, he touched corner of her eyes and collected the tiny drop of her tears, Lotharian said in a singing tone “Oh Amy! You are a very good liar, your face is so beautiful that could hide any kind of pain, a bunch of lies” he looked closer at the tears and changed his voice too deep now “that’s a lot of pain gone through for years”

Amy’s controlled her tears as usual, stood there like a stone.

Lotharian looked back at her eyes “You are so beautiful, you must not cry Amy, and I’m here for you”

Amy had the best sleep in years. She woke up before the alarm rings. She looked at her pearl ring and kissed it. Amy walked towards the window and opened her window and let the cold breeze enter her bedroom. Amy was feeling something strange that morning. Amy was in shock of her life time when she looked down; she is standing in both of her legs. Amy closed her mouth in shock and touched her left foot, it felt so real. She jumped, danced; she was not able to realize is that a dream or real. She pinched herself. That was real. How?

To be continued….


12 thoughts on “The Pearl Ring – Part 2

  1. Hey Jessica 🤗 That’s so kind of you, despite of my grammatical errors you never failed to motivate me.. Grateful for that🤗.. Do point out errors when u can, so i could learn a better writing 😀and….i’ve read about your ☺️Kilig☺️.. Its a different word ive known so far 😉 sure✍️👍✨

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  2. Okay. 🙂 I will. I’ve been careful to point out errors because I got it anyway. I prefer a great story with errors, than error free fictions with bad story. Besides, I don’t feel qualified to point things out, but I will mention thing I notice from now on 🤗

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  3. Hey Simon, I have no reason to say no. If you think, I can help, then I’ll try. ❤ But I already gave my warning… I'm not feeling so qualified, I'm a better reader than editor, so don't be too disappointed if you feel I'm not helping that much, feel free to say it though 😉

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  4. Hey Jessica! 😊You are an author, im grateful A famous author who published beautifuo books is TRYING to help me. I dont care even if you dont even try, im satisfied with your words . We all have a busy world to take care of, and we dont depend each other 🙂 So be free!!!!

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