Smart intelligent and what?

In our generation on this year 2019 we all wants to be smart and intelligent and talented right. So we also wants our kid to be a smart and intelligent and talented. I am going to guide you how much of brain that we are using and how to make use of it 100% to achieve your goal of being smart and whatever you want. Don’t think this content as a science fiction lie. This is my truth in my way. Will try not to fail entertaining you.


Honestly, I am not into science that much to talk about it. Don’t you dare ask me to stop writing about it. I will write. What is the first thing that comes in your mind being a smart?

Solving a Rubik cube puzzle, or a kid with chalk piece on the board writing x’s and y’s and explain it to us as formula’s. Feel like yawning? I do. That’s a big lie we people are living believing this is being smart.



First, to be Smart or intelligent does not mean you need a bigger brain. Let me polish it for you.🤪
Whales have biggest brain you think they are smart? No they are not! We have a small brain and we can do wonders.

Second, Have you watched movie Lucy? it clearly portrays a bigger lie that human use only 10% of brain.

People please, Einstein used the same 10% and Steve jobs used the same 10% what’s the difference you see? one in book, one in your hand. 

Stop believing this 10% stuff. Our brain has 10% neurons which is glued together by 90% of Glia(Glue).

Each neurons has their own job to do. Anyone did something extra doesn’t mean they have an extra neuron. Everyone has same 10% neuron. That’s it.


Who are real smart or intelligent people?

Steve jobs, Einstein, Elon Musk these are smart people. Ronaldo, Messi, Pele these are smart people. The person doing business around you they are smart people. Investing our own brain for monthly wages we are smart people. Bloggers who post different or same content everyday we are all smart people.

Smart people show their smartness or intelligent brain by doing something, anything they can. During Einstein period he used his smartness to find something theory of relativity gravity mass and lot more. Steve jobs used his brain to invented apple during his period. 


How to use 100% brain?

There is no such fact of using 100% brain. But to have a healthy brain is as simple as you grow a muscle.

How do you keep it healthy?Just like you work out, eat right food, have a good sleep. Thats all…..

We all are using our 100% brain already. People who are so called smart out there, are not using any extra brain or even an extra neuron. Same 10% neurons.

Let us not further waste time on finding how to use 100% brain and be happy using our 10% neurons, and Believe we are smart & intelligent and what more?

Thanks for reading✨🤗

Wish you all a happy weekend.✨✍️


8 thoughts on “Smart intelligent and what?

  1. We really do have the same brains to use, none are bigger or smarter, just some people use their brains and some don’t. Some people come up with a lot of great ideas, but don’t try to do anything with them. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and others come up with the same kind of ideas, but they don’t stop there, they put those ideas into motion. That’s really the big difference. Have a great evening Simon!😀😺

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  2. I think, that smart people dont show of, they dont measure who’s brain is bigger, i think to be focused and to do what you really like in life and make your living from it, it’s smart😎

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  3. Well, while reading this blog of yours, I was expecting some kind of a melodrama or a twist in the end. Yet it sailed smoothly.
    May be, my mind is already full of a story teller’s twists and turns.
    Well, I think we ought to forget x or y% of brain usage and just follow the basics.
    Great blog!

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  4. Hey Peeyush ✨✍️ Thanks for your time 😉 and the kind word and support. Im sure i have a drama with a twist. Read my The Pearl Ring series. Will post weekly once with ur expected twist and turns 😉 Enjoy reading ✨🤗✍️ Happy weekend☺️

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