My Native

Dear Readers, Let me take you to my village and last few days i am here. It is time to share with you all.

My Native : Kanniyakumari District
My Village : Karungal(Me), Kuzhithurai (Wife)

Village life is a blessed life, With nature, with fresh water around fresh fish, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh people. Imagine waking up from your balcony to this view. This is a mango tree, and this is not a season, so you cant spot a single mango here. In general village is always peaceful and green ish comparing to any city, mostly isnt it? There is a big lake like this, And it can be found often in our place. Not just a lake, lot of lakes around to visit and you can take bath at any lakes. No restrictions no gender based isssues here. This is a mini forest opposite my wife home. It is so green that you will spend entire day over there. If you keep walking on this you will end up in a lake that connects to a beach in few kilometres. This is near my home, a lake that is not been maintained properly. This is a private place and sadly the owner cares about it 0% But look around you will love this place. These are rubber trees, opposite to my home. The owner destroyed lot of beautiful trees here to do a rubber business. It is full of rubber tress now. And this is just a sample. All roads are like this “S” and “C” type roads, up and down, left and right, you might vomit of you do a rash driving here😉. But dangerous drive here. Everyday people lose life in rash driving alone. Most are youngsters. This looks like minimum 50 year old tree. And thats me in the red shirt.😁 Another rubber tree garden This is a temple next to my home. They worship lord kannan. There is a big statue inside this building that people worship everyday. And men should not wear shirt when entering here ☺️ A glimpse of local people selling their food items in a local market. Journey Ends here.. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I’m not good at taking pictures. Hope this is good enough from a beginner. And that is me and my best half 🥰

Left — Nisha …. Right– Simon

Wish you all a beautiful and lovely Sunday. From, Simon Nisha


11 thoughts on “My Native

  1. Hey Ayush! Thanks for your time ☺️Do visit our place and fell in love.. Love is always free 🥰… Indeed our country is a beautiful place lot of religions, lot of language lot of traditions and lot more amazing geography☺️


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