Heads Up!

Dear Readers,

Heads up content is based on my true experience, if you felt like i have been harassing or mocking a set of generation or a set of people, please don’t over imagine. My content is going to be as simple as that.

Scenario 1:

User one is too much into his/her smartphone always looks into it and becoming a better dumbest person each day my losing their creativity, decision making, logical thinking or even a simple 5*25=? math.

Scenario 2:

This is extreme. These are 2k generation kids growing horns in skull. Not like the horns you imagine it grows in the back of your skull. It comes with a price, Yes migraine. neck pain and lot more exciting health disorders for free.

I know what question you have in mind right now.

  • Are you not a phone addict? Yes i am and for a specific purpose often like reading, learning and lot of self motivation and a little touch of social media. But there is a limit and im confident i didn’t exceed that limit yet.
  • You think you are smart because you are limited with your phone usage? Honestly no. I’m not a smart person but smart phone helped me in lot of things, i started using this gadget as a dictionary and a book and i still use for self development mostly.
  • What is Head’s Up? It’s not a special program. A normal title to cover my dear readers on the concept of smartphone issues.

I have written about this before and now and will also write in future. Because the human brain is getting dumped and that’s really an issue.

A human found this computer, it’s a Human found this gadgets. It’s a human who found all the applications on your smartphone. There are the creators and the creators are in smart enough zone to make the smart people pushed on to dumbest zone.

Are you still going to keep your head down and be the dumb people?


Are you going to be smart enough to use the smart gadgets smartly and effectively?


Are you going to lose your life to smartphones by growing horns or lose yourself mentally?

Choice is yours.

Thanks for reading.

Wish you all a great upcoming weekend ✨


7 thoughts on “Heads Up!

  1. Hahahaha 🙂 Great posts Simon!
    Every day I’m using the metro to go to work in the peak hour and every day I’m amazed at how all people, but literally all are in front of their mobile phone!
    And the sad thing is that they are not using it in a “smart way” but to play silly games or watching drama…People don’t know to communicate with each other face to face anymore…what a crazy world!
    But hey…we’re communicating thru blogging….ahahahaha….
    Have a wonderful weekend Simon!

    Liked by 1 person

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