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Hey Everyone!

This about a….

What am i going to do? an example obviously 😁

Teacher, i understand your feelings 🤭

There was a kid…uh… do you call a 16 year old a kid?

Dont bother i will name him 🤔 Clay  (Symptom of watching Netflix series 13RW)

Clay had personal issues. Mentally due to his family problems. It is usual kids go poor on their studies putting their personal issues on head.

What happened to Clay? He moved to a school during his hard time. Based on his good behaviour and good grades in his previous institution he was taken here.

His teacher was constantly putting his expectations initially and then one day the Principal humiliated him by making him stand outside of the class and marked him a poor student.

Next few months no matter what he will do he will be sent out to teach other kids if they didnt perform they will also be standing outside.

Same time Clay is back to normal, He studied, scored. Scored the top grade and beats the topper of the class.

The same principal took this guy as an example of hard work.

One day He was called for a meeting and appreciated his good grades and asked why were you doing bad before?

He replied, You were looking at one side and never put an effort to understand or know what made me such performer in the beginning, i wish i had someone to talk about here.

Yes. Like Clay kids take their personal issues in their head like suffering from deep depression or anxiety and perform poor academically, At such young age they suffer from anxiety or depression is too much to handle at that age. There are plenty of reasons why they feel like it may be their personal environment is like that. But all they need is a little support and someone to see their other side of their problem and support them.

For Teachers, It is not just their profession to just teach and go. They should also keep a mental well being coach in each school.

Unluckily in my place there are very few high standard educational institues only have such facility, Because here educaion is business not a service.

The institurions not just groom kids on their studies. They should also be something that help students mentally.

Not Seen Yet to be seen and should be treated.

What do you think of this? A mental well bein coach is worth isnt it?

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

In your place is education a service or business?

In your place is their mental well being coach available at all schools?


3 thoughts on “Not Seen Yet

  1. Well Simon, unfortunately I think nowadays schools are a business all around the world….which is very sad…kids are forced to learn useless things instead of learning to discover and believe in themselves!

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