My 15 days on Bed

My 15 days on Bed

Incident MPV – My Point of View

It was my last day of a short vacation. That last evening i was planning to visit a nearest cafe. I never use lift. Probably after my complete recovery i would stick with lift instead of stairs. Yes, it was such a small stairs and in a second it happened and i only heard that noise of cracking bones. I never thought i was so weak. A small stair could give 3 cracks on my left foot. That was my slightest worst nightmare. All i had in mind is this. I am not immortal i knew that. The first bone cracks that too in triple. It says one thing.

A beautiful quote by Amy Winehouse

After this what happened, my second thought in my mind is what my overprotective mother would say. She would simply end this by never go on vacation, because of my vacation only this incident happened. and i will be like

Yes. You ask 1000 million times, they will never change. All they do is find a reason and never do it again. Damn this time is my “vacation”.

Bed days Story – That 15 days

After i reach my home as i feared my xray report revealed it was fractures. Luckily it was not complete fracture. It was partial fracture at multiple places. They wrapped up my legs with some medicines and started my journey of 15 days on bed.

So how was it?

I am not going to tell you day wise. The days ran so fast. Honestly i did nothing interesting. Let me share you the bitter truths that i could find about some people.

First, To inform my employers and make believe itself became a hard job. I started with an email, then the way people calling me and asking me was so stupid. They were expecting me to return in a week. Seriously?

To my employers

I waited a week to have my first visit with doctor and get a letter from doctor to inform my employers that my bed rest must not be less than 21 days and it’s must.

Before this i was sending multiple pictures of before and after pictures to them. I felt like reporting a lab rat test report each day. Man these people…. uh… forget it. But honestly they did approve my leave and they are so kind, continuous calls and i was working from home.

They are so kind that even on your holidays they want you to put your work effort 100%. And yes i did it. That will look too much. But honestly its true.

I am a dedicated employee and im proud of it. No matter what i deliver my goals.

But the days were interesting. Keeping up with my offical tasks even when im on bed. Well that should pay my holidays. Let’s see next month about that.

So a part of my bed days were went like this.

What else did i do?

Read book. I read an awesome book i got at right time. But unluckily i read it in two days. Because the book was interesting and the suspense i wanted to know it. So i read it and i finished it just like that.

And then…. what?

Yes, This is not something to say proud. But what else could i do? between four walls i was going crazy. My anxiety shoots up unwanted thoughts it was better sleeping than sit awake and fell deep into depression.

I tried blogging but these days are my worst blogging if i am right.

The focus i had on the first day of my leave left me for no reason.

A story i started with a suspense didnt came out well as planned.

I was out of my plans. The to do things were blurry. It wasnt me.

I learned this, i am either a restless person or i am not the person to be in bed. This really shoots up my negative emotions and thoughts.

So what i did?

Here i am travelling with a wrapped up leg 😁

Getting back to my focus, first thing i wanted to write how i was out of my mind in these 15 days.

Even though i was doing my official work ot was never clear like i do it in office and i could feel it.

You could have noticed if you are a regular one reading my blog. That was a different me. So here i decided to write one blog at a time with a proper plan and never write blogs when out of our mind.

So the 15 days on bed did taught me some few things about me. Grateful for the opportunity i created myself by slipping on a very small stairs. 🤭.

Thanks for reading.☺️

Hope you all enjoyed my learning.

Pass on your honest reviews and comments. Would love to read.😁

Finally, Please please pray for peope facing their worst nightmares with Dorian hurricane. Our prayers should reach each live being facing the fury of doraine.


13 thoughts on “My 15 days on Bed

  1. Way back, in 2001 when I was in my first job, I was stationed out of my home town. I got Typhoid then, and had to go back to my home town for treatment, and rest which was for slightly more than a month, as I had become quite weak(27 injections and fluid diet for a long time).
    My father wrote a letter to my Manager about my illness. But he was all the time doubting my illness, but got satisfied when one of my colleagues talked to him and convinced him.
    Employers can be extra suspicious at times.

    And yes, at times, I finish an exciting book almost 90% and then have to pull myself away to go slow and read rest of the part in some more days.

    But try to avoid slipping anywhere. I hope you are in good health now.

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  2. Hey Ptrikha, Thanks for sharing your story. yes these managers sometime hard to convince. And sure i will be double careful, i dont want this pain again for sure. And i am good now practising my walk. one more week. im all set to get back to work. Thanks for your time & concern ☺️

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  3. Dear Simon, firstly I’m glad you are better now and secondly I think we all need a break sometimes…when we are not feeling well, we shouldn’t force us for more…there’s only that we can do! You feel that since you are at home you still can do your work, but you did not consider your mind! An injury can affect our mind and we just need to understand it! It was silly but it is still an injury! Take care of yourselves and try giving you a break sometimes and do things that you like and relaxes you…reading books is really something that helps me too 🙂

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  4. Hey Ribanna, Thanks for your time and concern. In a way what you said is right. I didnt think about it. I was so worried about the process during my abscense and yes the pain and all things together, lost my actual peace. I get it Ribanna. Thanks for the support🤗 Glad to have such eye opening bloggers like you☺️

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  5. I am glad you are healing and doing better. Sometimes working and stressing about that is not good when you need rest. You’re job should have let you had the break. At least you found positive ways to spend your time.

    If you weren’t feeling like blogging and it felt forced, you should have taken break. Sometimes are minds need a break from something we do often even if we love it. I just went a few days without blogging. I didn’t research topics or write anything. My mind needed a break. When I took a month break to focus on something else and came back, my blog suffered but I was fine with it. I was doing something for me during that time away.

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  6. Hey Michelle, Thanks for your time. So kind of you. Yes, and i accept your point. Sometime this over dedicated brain wants you to work for no reason and the result of not resting is what i learned here. Thank you again for your kind support. I will take a break when its needed as you suggested we must need break sometime for good. ✨🙂 Glad to have such bloggers 🤗

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  7. Hi Zaman, Those are friendly comments that happens during blogging. Personally nobody knows each other. i comment for all blogger friends. dont mis understand.if you have a problem please dont bring your personal issues here.


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