Change from Within

Simon: Hey!

Dave: Hi!

Simon: What is your name?

I’m Dave. Who are you?

I’m Simon

Dave: What do you want?

Simon: I dont need anything Dave. What happened to you, you don’t look so right?

Dave: Who? me? i never was.

Simon: Why so Dave? You look young and charming something is in your head isnt it?

Dave: Who cares?

Simon: I care Dave! Would you like to talk about it?

Dave: Should i? To a stranger?

Simon: Yes, No. I think that will help you in someway.

Dave: okay. What should i say?

Simon: What is in your head?

Dave: I am anxious, no friends and my mind is full of shit.

Simon: What are you anxious about?

Dave: Everything.

Simon: Why no friends to you Dave?

Dave; I don’t know, may be…..

Simon: Huh huh… may be?

Dave: May be my childhood was like that?

Simon: What do you mean? Any bad experience?

Dave: Yes, I was 7 years old when me and my neighbour girl was playing in my house. We played with all things in our house and we made house a mess. My mom beat me like anything she beat me all the way to her house and warnes them never to have such fun.

Simon: My god! That’s bad, May be you are too naughty. But is that why you dont have friends? Every kids are naughty back then. Now a days kids dont even play outside.

Dave: Not just that, i once went out and played with my neighbour kids. And i was beaten to the core for playing outside.

Simon: My god! I’m sorry about it. May be you wouldve played too much. But why does that stopped you to have friends?

Dave: I never went out, never played outside. Never had fun with kids around. So i dont know how to have fun when kids around. When my class mates tease me and made fun of me, i took everything personal. It gets into my head and i burst out crying.

Simon: Dave, It’s ok… So you have been like that till now? u look like what? 28 years old?

Dave: Yes.

Simon: That means you never talk to anyone?

Dave: No not like that. But i speak not considering or believing anyone as friends.

Simon: Dont you ever want to change?

Dave: Have you changed Simon?

Simon : what do you mean? What i should change? aren’t you the one is sad now.

Dave: Yes, Dave is because you were thinking about your past Simon. Stop saying others to move on and you move on first Simon

Simon: I am not sad Dave and i am not in my past.

Dave: This is what you say. But you end up thinking it, and talking with me a figment of your imagination

Simon: What ? What are you talking?

I’m YOU Simon.. Stop talking in the mirror and make the change from here.

We can be whatever on the outside, But any change we wanted to see in the world should be started from the mirror, from with in.


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