One dark night!


One dark night


Lily wakes up to a noise of knocking

It’s dark. She turns left the windows are closed.

She turns right her bedroom door also closed.

She called “Mom!”

No response. She slowly removed her bed covers and placed her feet on the cold floor.

The knocking didnt stop.

She slowly opens the door and looks down. No one is found.

She started walked down the stairs. The knocking noise is kept on increasing.

Time is 1:00 AM. No one in her neighbour hood will be awake at that time.

She slowly reaches the door lens and looks out, No one!

Her eyes turned wide when she heard the door knock again!

She screamed and went to bed and covered herself.

Poor girl…. forgot her ……

CAT 😂😂😂

Don’t you dare ask the gif is taken on day time.

We found this next day morning only 😄😄😄

Wish you all a Happy Weekend 😆!


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