Ribi? What Happened? – Dead End

Tom : “Thomas is dead!”

Dave: “I know!”

Tom : “How do you know? what happened last night? “

Dave: Yes….. i’ll tell you in short Tom

On the day of incident…

Ribi is furious walking straight to Thomas thrown off papers and yells at him for the document missing in system.

Thomas almost in tears sat silently.

Ribi while yelling at him she almost touched his ego. Thomas decided to teach this girl a lesson.

Ribi leaves her office and started walking to home.

Thomas already tried to propose her by following her. He knows the route to her house. As usual Ribi enters the street cross shortcut and started walking. Thomas were following her with a 10 meters gap.

As soon as she enters that cross street, Thomas took out the polythene and a self lock tag wire that he stole from his office. He quickly puts the polythene on her head in that shock poor Ribi gone unconsious, she fell on his shoulders.

Thomas didnt stop, he wasnt satisfied, he locked the tag on her neck with polythene. Ribi started to gasp for air, Thomas hold her from the back and watch her die till she lost her last breath. As soon he realises she died. Thomas got panic, he made a mistake in anger, he quickly removes the tag and polythene cover and planned to cover the crime scene. But he wasnt an expert. He put her on his shoulders and came back the same way to get a small hatchback taxi.

Thomas carries Ribi until the street corner and leaves the shoe in his car and drops Ribi at her house making a scene as she died naturally. Thomas didnt notice the red marks he made on her neck. He erases his finger prints available area and quickly using the same cab he reached home. But this time he uses another route full of cctv to his home.

The next day when i reached his home he somehow saw my car, and guilty Thomas tried to do suicide. But as we caught him he made up stories.

Last night i went all the shops to find a matching cctv vision. I found everything matching and i confirmed it is Thomas. I quickly went his home as soon i get information about her PM & forensic report.

I searched his house completely but case was so simple i found the polythene bag and a tag on his garbage box under his pizza box covers. While i was recovering this i had a big hit on my head, turned to find Thomas. Then only i realized it must have been you released him, so i acted as unconsious to see what this guy can do.

He tried to wake me, i was acting like half consious and he started explaining things from his mouth, i silently recorded everything on the tape. In the end he apologized me and also said it is too late that we are going to arrest him and it was silent.  I opened by eyes to see this guy trying for a suicide with a knife thinking i am unconsious, i quickly tried to stop him and we had a small fight, he tried to kick me out with his full power but after some time the knife turned to me. I quickly went 10 feet back and i warned him, he didnt listen at all. At the end for my safety i had to shoot him. I shot on the leg, but didnt see the knife pierced his heart already. I waited there for some time and i left to take care things today, i know people will call us only.

So surprise! The case is solved.

Tom: “Man you did all without me. I was making an another dimension Lillie, Melonie and Louise. All girls, hot interrogation damn i miss all this. This couldve taken this story 3 or more pages. Damn you! Closed the case in a single day. I hate you man!”

Dave smiled, Come let’s get back to our office and have that peaceful days again…

Tom and Dave together started their car and says bye bye to us all….


10 thoughts on “Ribi? What Happened? – Dead End

  1. So he was Thomas! I suspected him at first then I believed that he loved her actually
    Good story Simon and it was enjoyable to read 😊👍 just try to connect the ideas together more 🙂
    Have a good time

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sure Huguette🤗✨ I’ll do, i’ll keep writing. and one day i wil make a book. First copy i want to courier to Lebanon, 🤔 is international courier for books accepted?🧐 And Always grateful you have been there as a supporting blogger ✨🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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