Lets focus inside

Hey Everyone!

How is the day going?i wish im a cat to post my pic like that and say it’s awesome😂

  • Do you know how many girl friends that your dog has and his girl friend knew about it?
  • Do you really know that your cat loves cat food? do you know he can be a cat cannibal?
  • Do you know the favorite song of a cuckoo? and the cuckoo next to him hates his song, you know that?
  • Can you identify the parents or siblings of a monkey from a group of  monkey?
  • Do you know the raven that fly around your house wants to shit at your car in garage?
  • How the hell do i know? Don’t ask me! i don’t know either.

Tat’s rude u black raven 🤨

All the questions i have asked is completely irrelevant and tell me why should i know about all of them? and they live in a circle and having fun, why should we stop that?Just rewind a millisecond and think, they live in a circle and having fun without knowing anything.

We live in this large world, knowing everything with help of a small gadget and lost our piece of mind.

Isn’t it true? the more we know and the more we are out of peace. Some one with a serious depression and anxiety voluntarily read irrelevant stuff that will raise their anxiety or depression even more and knowingly or unknowingly they push themselves to a point of suicide or something stupid.

Isn’t it true? we know only the irrelevant instead of relevant. Most of our neighbors doesn’t know about us, most of our colleagues doesn’t know our name or department we work in. But we know where bear grylls travel today and with who. But we know how many suicide, accidents, deaths happening around us. But we know how many followers we have on instagram, tik tok, and facebook.

OKAY! Good to know. What about YOU? Do you know about YOU?

Yes, you know that very well because someone said you are a weird kid on instagram, and someone said you are a wise person on facebook, someone said you are a talented kid on tik tok. Okay it’s good about marketing about ourselves and our skills, But let us also start learning about us, what we need to know about is more about ourselves first, and what is happening around us. Let’s minimize the knowledge of world you get from google and maximize the knowledge of how to have a unique life that is created by you. Stop bothering about what your followers feel and live the life like you feel.

A short period of life should not be wasted on an illusion created by technologies or for others isn’t it? let’s focus inside…

Did i end my content at the right place? 🤔

Thanks for reading 🙂

Have a great day 🤗


11 thoughts on “Lets focus inside

  1. What is happening around the world nowadays is a virus I guess! People are more concern on what the others on social are thinking, they are more concern in posting, in being fake, basically their life is on social media! They don’t know anymore how the real world is! They don’t know themselves anymore! They are fake with themselves! What a waste!
    I don’t say I’m completely against it because hello, I’m here, I’m blogging, is sort of social media but I have my limits! I don’t want to loose myself!
    Great post Simon!
    Wish you a wonderful day!

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  2. This is a powerful message here Simon to focus on what’s matter and to know ourselves and focus on ourselves! We are so much distracted and lost while the most important is to discover whom we really are and know that we are unique as well 🙂 Good post and enjoy your weekend 😊😊

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  3. Hohoho, found your first blog post, yaaay, hi, doing great, you?
    Pretty cool picture for sure:)
    Great facts, about which you dont know, how you know about it😂
    Is not easy to find who you are and to figure out yourself, we never know how we all react in certain situation, i can say, yes if i see a fight i run to to stop it, but if it will really happen, i dont know my reaction at that particular moment, maybe i will have second thoughts? Maybe i will feel scared to separate people who iare fighting, because they will jump to bit me too?
    It is very difficult to have perdition. Not just about ourselves, but about others too. We can never figured it out and it makes life interesting.
    And you were talking about someone who said something on social media, you know everyone feels cool to insult others on social media, hiding behind the screen and fake profiles. Do you think they would say same in front of your face? Well i think no, i will be chickening inside their pants:D
    Wonderful post Simon:)

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  4. Ha ha ha .. Hi ilona, 😁 That was a post with a fun start. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post. No I wont believe any social media persons and they are so straight forward but in real they are just a sensitive human being. Thanks for reading my old post. and your time on commenting on each ✨🤗 Grateful🥰👌✍️

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