Problems! Problems! Everywhere!


Is there a problem?

Yes, There is, Yes! Problem Problem everywhere!

How many problems? What kind?

There are different kind of problems. problem with immediate solutions, problem with a solution that takes so long may be even decades to completely solve it. Because it is a problem and it has solution.

We all have problems right? Personal, Political, Public hmm…. So what did we do about it?  to talk about it? or even write about it? did we share an idea as a solution for the problem? I know it is not going to help, But what IF? what IF some one read your content and implement the solution🤔.

What is the younger generation do today?

We have a biggest platform called social media,vlogging, blogging anyone can take a problem and spread the word to the world.

But my problem is talking or blogging or vlogging about a problem without a solution that is very decently called “whining”.

A group of youngsters say they are depressed, So?

A group write the entire country is full of rapists and shit. Okay! we knew about it? you have a solution or an idea to stop or reduce it?

A group makes a debate about gender equality is not there! and?

A group of husbands say they can’t manage family. and?

A group of people curse about their job and having low salary, so?

Yes i did! Because i do not see all of them stepping out with solutions.

They all have this 1.5 kg or 3 pounds of brain and they don’t use it to figure out a solution🤦 Sigh!!

A very few people i sincerely read and follow their blog and comment about it. Because they come with a problem and a real solution. No matter where it goes but there is an idea to atleast TRY.

My solution is simple. When some one word out or voice out what ever the problem is, please have a solution then write about it.

Honestly i randomly read a blog through discover and i saw a blogger continuously writing and blaming people and accusing a country for the issues and accusing people for a common issue. The entire blog is so dark and it’s all about whining whining all the days. So why do they even write about it?

And they say they have guts and freedom to share issues. But poor brain is hidden so deep, they can proudly call it a hidden talent.😜

So as Mr.Teddy Roosevelt said people are whining, problems everywhere but lets bring out problems with a solution.

Life must have a problem, and we are humans to solve it and live with it. Every problem has a solution let’s start finding solutions ✨

Thanks for reading my problem and a solution☺️

Have a good day!

Pass on your words and thoughts or problems, would love to read it🤗

19 thoughts on “Problems! Problems! Everywhere!

  1. Good post Simon 👍 problems are never ending drama. They keep coming series after series. Sometime they are updated. Yup, you’re right! Instead of crying about problem, we should find out solutions.🙂

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  2. Well said Simon! People nowadays are whining, are only complaining but they don’t find the solution because they don’t want to! And even when there isn’t any problem these people will find it! Just because this is how they enjoy life! Whining, complaining and finding problems! Definitely not solving them!
    Yes, our life is not always pink, we all have our problems if we want to see them as problems! Important is to not waste time thinking we have problems but to find the solution! I’m hungry, I eat, I don’t have money, I invent myself and make money, I’m lazy? Then I find problems!
    Have a wonderful weekend Simon!

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  3. I slightly disagree. Some problems can’t be solved by an individual. Some problems have to be solved by society and govt. An individual can provide a solution and change himself but he can’t change others and force everyone to implement his solution.


  4. Yes you can😃 Glad to find ur open statement. U might have tried to see my post once again😉 U missed out my point saying what IF someone read your suggestion or your post reach someone that can solve the problem. If its society problem or government problem raise the problem with a solution. Maybe someone will notice. 😉 Have that positive belief✨ Have a good day✨✍️


  5. Very good post and well presented Simon 👍 I agree that we should not present a problem without a recommendation for some solution or just a positive proposal probably because nagging and whining never helped anyone at all!
    We need to figure out how we make our life better, how we solve our issues not just complain about them! To not mention that many people create the problem and then complain about having it!
    Great post Simon 👍 inspiring and helpful 😊

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  6. Hi Ribanna ✨ Thanks for your time. You said it right, Problems are there to solve it, and thats the way a life to be lived. Not by sharing just the complaints only. 😉 Thanks for your kind words ✨ Have a good day 🙂

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  7. Hi Huguette! Thanks for your time 😃 Glad u liked the post ✨🤗 Going to miss blogging for next 3 days 😉 About the post . Problems are there for them to learn and solve, But like a kid on exam hall crying for not knowing answer 😂😂 it wont help for sure 🙂 . Thanks for ur kind words 🤗✨✍️ Have a good day.

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  8. The matter is to enjoy your vacation now 😊 3 days is not a long time
    You will be back before you know believe me 😊
    Hahah yes crying and falling apart never helped anyone actually
    It’s always a pleasure and enjoy 😊

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  9. My entire blog has become a problem searching for a solution. Solutions are not easy, but it is much better than complaining and doing nothing. It’s all in your mind. If you keep searching, you will eventually find the answer. And sometimes it involves asking someone for help with it. Great post, Simon.

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  10. Well said dear Simon!! People just complain that there are lot of problems but don’t try to find solutions. And crying is never a solution..
    Have a great day 🤗💕

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  11. Very well said Simon! I know someone who is always complaining about things, so one day I asked him, well, what do you think should be done about that? He said, I have no idea. Well, then why complain if you don’t want to think of a solution, it’s a waste of time and energy. He said to me, the problem with you is your always positive, you can’t do anything if you’re always positive! Got me laughing. But it is a serious point, people always like to complain, really whine, but don’t want to spend some time finding a possible solution. Sometimes it takes more people to make a solution work, but it has to start somewhere. Have a great day Simon!😃😺

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  12. Thanks for stopping by Steve✨😃 Glad u liked the post. Ha ha i remember some people like them its the product defect 😂and i always ask this question just like u asked, ok now i get whats ur problem is, so what u gna do? They simply ask me what dey supposed to do? to me? 😂 poor choice maybe, but always trying my best to make use of their brain 😂✨ Have a great Week Steve✨😃

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