Curse of the Witch – Part 6

Zahir looks at Sara with a shocked reaction “She is dead so you are free!”

Sara confused and thinking within herself about the dream “The curse on me have to be taken back by her; else I die, but what if she die?” Sara looks at Zahir with even more confused look and asks “Zahir! If she dies my curse cannot be taken back. That means I have only till midnight to live” with tears Sara said this and hugged Zahir and started crying.

Zahir now “ It’s ok I get what you say. Let’s consult with the expert. I know one guy why don’t we check on him?”

Sara now “You think he can help?” Zahir responded “I think he can, let’s go now”

Sara eyes now widening when she saw a black smoke standing behind Zahir before Sara opens her mouth Zahir was thrown outside breaking the house door in pieces and Zahir landed their unconscious.

Sara standing there shocked she pleaded “please leave us!” when the black shadow gave a hard slap to her face she made a rotation on the air and fell down. The black smoky figure rise like a bunch of house flies Sara tries to go out but she could react the flies covered Sara and one by one flies started going inside her mouth until she became unconscious.

The house is now dead silent now.

The dead old woman on the chair, Zahir is now near the door and he is unconscious, with blood coming out from his head because of trauma. Sara on the other side with her mouth wide open and eyes complete dark looking at the ceiling and there are two to three flies going inside her mouth and everything is black now.

In a pitch dark, a noise of house fly, lights on.

Sara is now floating in her same dress all of a sudden coughing she wakes up and she couldn’t move realizing she is floating turns her eyeball.

She fell down like falling deep and sat on a chair in a position like someone tied her hands and legs with the chair.
Frightened she called “Zahir?” she could hear only her voice back in Echo.

A dark figure rushed towards her and hit her head like she is been hit in a hammer.

In a blink she opens her eye her head is now rotating because of the hit and Sara screamed when she heard a nail hit through a hammer, a snap, sharp nail that pierced her both palm inside out. She cried from pain she could not able to move both her arms.

Sara is now trying to move both of her arms to free from the chair, but she is still stuck with the chair. In fear Sara keep on crying but all her cries in vain.

Sara gone mute when all of a sudden she saw opposite side someone walking towards her, Sara tries to focus and to find a big dark demon of black smoke walking towards her in slow motion.

Sara in shock screamed again “ahhhhhh!!!!”. It gave a hard slap again dislocating her Jaw, Sara head hung down as she had no energy to scream back now. Saliva is coming down with blood from her mouth slowly on her dress.

Blood starting to come out from her mouth and started coughing and bleeding, in a few second Sara started to float her both hands and legs been pulled on the same direction. Realizing something is trying to torn her in pieces, all she could think is to accept her fate. Sara close her eyes and stopped struggling.

Sara got up in a white room, breathing heavily and shocked and happy when she saw Zahir next to her.

Zahir sitting next to her and says “Hey! It’s okay… we are back now….”

Smiling Sara not understanding anything asked “Where am I, What Happened?”

Zahir started “You know what happened yesterday?”


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7 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Part 6

  1. Scary details!! The way you described the scene is horrific! Now we don’t know if it’s just a dream or someone saved them
    Good horror story and mystery as well 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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