Curse of the Witch – Denouement

Where am I? Sara asked

Let’s see on the other side … Zahir …

Zahir Woke up from the trauma and found Sara unconscious; He quickly tried to pull Sara up and tried to wake her up.

But Sara on the other side felt heavy like a large wood and Zahir couldn’t pull her up. He skipped that plan and checked whether she is alive.

SARA is alive but heavy as a dead body. He is now happy. Scratching his head to find what to do next but he found he was badly hurt in the head. He turns to see the door and thought himself now “I must have hit the door by head when I was thrown outside, damn you demon, i wish i could curse you” he grunted his teeth holding his head.

He started searching the entire place; all he could find was lot of lot of statues idols and uselss stuffs, Frustrated Zahir start to break everything he got on that process he went on to kitchen to find something to break.

All he found was small bottles of liquids and smelly stuff. He broke all the things and bottles nothing happened.

He came out in anger, he find a large cloth bag under the chair that has old woman dead body. He quickly grabbed the bag and started searching. All he could find is already ate half apple and dark lemons and painted eggs and a black knife and some powders.

When Zahir is about to throw the bag he remembered what Sara said when she had the weird dream. He could see the same kind of knife inside that bag a black knife. He started planning what he could do with it.

He looks at knife and slowly looked at dead old woman and scary Sara, He decided now, He slowly swings the knife in right hand and in air and catches with his left hand and slowly reaching the dead old woman. He says “If you can curse Sara, then i curse all the demons and the demon inside Sara into YOU”

He stabbed the knife quickly in dead old woman chest. No movement, She is dead woman, who am i to curse? he thinks himself. Realising nothing is happening he took a step back. He was hit hard in his face by someone and he fell down.

There was this, a screeching noise from nowhere, and Zahir closed both his both ears and crawled back to a corner. Zahir saw Sara’s body raising in air her both palms turning bloody Zahir got up tried to get close to her but was thrown out again on the wall.

This time he stayed down as he lost more blood and no energy he just laid there spitting and watching what is happening. He dont want to lose her, But his eyes had a strong hope that something will bring back Sara to him.

Sara’s both of her arms and legs getting twisted and she screaming in different voices then everything came back to normal. She looked pale for sometime and some dark smoke from her mouth kept coming for some time, and there is a soft noise from Sara “ahhhhh!” THUD! Zahir saw Sara fell down.

The old woman body is now turning dark and darker, Zahir grabbed Sara’s forearm, now she is light weight. With a huge Sigh he quickly lifted her like a baby and without turning back he quickly ran towards the car, Put Sara in back of his car and started the engine.

He started driving to the hospital. That’s all happened. Sara is now feeling relaxed looking at her hands “Oh Zahir! Thanks for everything, and my hands This is going to be painful for someday” Zahir smiled back kissed her and replied “Everything is going to be fine Sara! Don’t you worry, You have crossed 24 hours and the witch is no more. I’m here for you all the time”.

Sara now asked “Ok romantic hero, So tell me why did you stare at her yesterday morning”.

Zahir replied “Seriously? You did not forget that? Let me tell you this, I know a weird girl named Sara and she is possessed by a Demon” Sara replied laughing “Stop! You are a cheater! Don’t change the topic; If I see you watching her again?”

Zahir replied “Laughing … Ok ok, No I’m not, But you have to answer back to our colleagues why did you cosplay Jesus and nailed yourself” Sara replied ”Tell me you did not say like that in office, right?”

Zahir replied laughing “Can’t promise you that, ha ha ha” Sara Replied laughing “oh shit!”

They both hear nursed running here and there on next ward for a fire injured patient. Zahir now “Oh this hospital smell, let’s get out of this soon, right now; let’s watch TV for a while”

Zahir turned the TV on and the news line goes like “An old woman who was assumed as dead from the house that on fire yesterday night is found alive in mortuary, and she is now admitted at St Thomas hospital for severe fire burn”

Zahir now turning white and says

“The Witch is alive and She is Here!”

The End

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed my story.

My english and the grammer is bad at some places and i’m Glad you all read it.

Thanks for the Huge Support ✨🤗

I would like to Thank you each and everyone for your time and for continuous support and motivating me to make such stories.

Thank you Huguette, Ribanna, Lily, Ashok, Ramyani, Jyoti. For not just reading also for the motivation ✨🤗✍️ Glad i found you all in blogging community.

And also for people who just click like button and being the silent motivators.

Happy Blogging✨🤗


11 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Denouement

  1. You kept the readers wondering!! It’s definitely a horror story but Zahir never left Sara in her most terrible moments. That touched my heart. You did great! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Lily ✨🤗 Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it. Zahir yes i love that character. But not much space for him due to content. Glad it touched your heart. Thanks for the time and continuous support ✨🤗✍️


  3. Ohh the open endings! Some interesting story, kept us waiting and looking forward for next part! And thank you for the shoutout Simon 😊 you deserve all the support, it was a good story, the grammar mistakes can’t cancel the good story 👍 well done 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the open comment Jessica 😃✨ Glad someone is straight at points 🤗 Grateful for the comments. How can i improve that? any suggestions pls , only if its free of cost ☺️.


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