Curse of the Witch – Part 5

Sara quickly ran to him asked “Excuse me I don’t know where I am, would you help me?”

The old man replied and he sounds deep like Morgan freeman he says “The only help you need is the curse upon you must be taken back”

She got a goose bump now hearing his voice. Hoping he would surely help her but, Sara not understanding what he is saying asking back “What curse? Can you be more specific?”

The old man gave a deep smile that can echo for few seconds he continued “The knife on your chest, it may look dramatic or a weird dream for you, she passed on a worst demon against you?”

Sara asks back “no no no! Oh my god what you are saying. I don’t understand what is happening to me so far what does the demon wants from me?”

The old man smiled “The curse of a witch, the demon will take you if the curse not taken back” which echoed in her ears.. Sara asked “what if she don’t? what if she did not take the curse back?”

The old man smiled a deep smile again “you have one dayyyyyyyy“ , Sara replied instant “What? No no no… “Before she captures him his smile faded so does his figure like a cigarette smoke in the wind.

Sara looked left and right and finds nothing but a divine smell, she inhales it deep suddenly she fell into a deep black hole and she screams “ahhhhhhh!”

She woke up again in her bed heart beating loud “duh duh duh duh duh duh” she could hear only her hear beat for a while. She looks at her mobile the time is exactly 1:01 pm only.

She quickly called Zahir.. “ringing……Hey Sara!” “Zahir please come back to my home I need your help” she asked almost crying. Zahir instantly replied “I’m trying to break into your house for some time; do you mind to open the door for me”

Sara replied “Oh my god, wh..wait.. I am on my way… “ she quickly ran to open her door and found Zahir, breathing heavily. “Can you explain? Why are you trying to break into my house?”

Zahir smiled “You kidding? I’ve been ringing your bell and knocking the door for hours. We came in YOUR car. And I don’t want to leave the keys in the car, Got it?” Zahir walks into her house enters her kitchen and had a glass of water.

Now he spoke “Uhhh.. omg, so relaxing, What is wrong with you?, You really forgot me there? You got serious problem girl, Tell me why did you called me?”

Sara sat in a sofa and asked Zahir to sit next to her. Sara now “Promise me Zahir I am going to tell you the weirdest fictional story now. And it is not a story.”

Zahir looked at her weird “Why now?”

Sara continued “You are the only person i think of first, can you Just listen to me quick” She explained everything happened from the morning and about the old woman.

Zahir is now mouth open replied “That is the worst story I ever heard! Are you the author? don’t tell me it is you. may be the audience knew it i beleive 🙄, Sigh! so Who is this old woman anyway? Why the hell is she have to curse you?”

Sara continued “She has been chasing me for a petition for quiet long about a year now, today morning when I told her It got cancelled her face gone deep black and everything happened as I told u now”

Zahir is now scratching his head “uhhh… Is she really a witch? Or have you ever been treated for schizophrenia🤔? The old woman must also understand you are not the right person for cancelling the petition right?, Uhhhh! problem with illiterate witches, first government should start an education system to them right? What do you think?”

Sara looked at him angrier now “Zahir are you really talking politics now? tell me just one thing, are you serious with my life?” She stood up with tears in her eyes.

Zahir replied “hell yeah! Let me show you” he quickly went out grabbing her keys and ran out and came back with her car “What do you think nowww?” zahir shouted from outside.

Sara quickly put a sweat shirt above her dress and entered the car. They both quickly reached the nearby village. They see only a box shaped house in a far far far corner of an empty ground with lot of painting on the walls. Every word on the walls were cursing a witch.

Zahir asked “are you sure the women must be from this place?” Sara replied “Can’t you see the work on walls and words? according to her document this is the address I remember, let’s go inside that place”

They both got down and Zahir first went near the door and asked “are you sure she is a black magician? asked again whispering “can I knock the door?” Sara looked at him with a huge Sigh “can you just do it” she replied angrily.

Zahir knocking for some time no response from inside. The door looks open to Zahir he slowly pushes the door with a errrrr noise to find someone sitting on a chair.

Zahir looked at Sara asks her to come have a look. Sara slowly walked and peeped in to find the old woman sitting. She slowly entered the house to find lot of creepy idols like jinn, ancient demon miniatures and lot of creepy toys and fingers and nails and lot of scary stuff around the house.

There was a fire that was still burning in front of the old woman. Zahir now whispering “The fire is burning and it is still burning, my detective brain says she did it very recently, what do you think?”

Sara replied whispering with an angry tone “i wish the old woman cursed you zahir!”

Zahir replied smiling whisper “yeah i wish too”

They both silently walked in front of the woman to see she is staring at the fire and speechless.

Zahir keeps his finger under her neck to sense the beat but she is cold, she is dead.

Zahir looks at Sara with a shocked reaction

“She is dead!”

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25 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Part 5

  1. Witch is dead but curse is certainly not!! The story is getting more and more intriguing and looking forward to reading how this will end 😊 good story Simon 👍

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  2. Hi Monoruz zaman. Stop posting comments on others post. If you know or dont know Lily. I do.not know who is lily. You are disturbing me with your comments. and stop being an online stalker of women.


  3. Hi Monoruz Zaman, If it’s personal then keep it personal. Dont put your comments on others post. Stop posting personal in social media. Now you are posting in public. So you will get reply from us. Thanks for clarifying you are not a stalker. But this is how we see it. Stop this.


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