Weird People

This work is completely true not everything but can i say 99% only🤔. If I hurt anyone’s sentiment, please don’t expect anything from me.

Woke up late on a Sunday morning there I heard a comment. “You are a lazy kid” Seriously? Any dictionary, even Google says being lazy means unwilling to work or use energy. I’m on energy saving mode you have to see my work yet on Sunday.

Then I come out of my house to pick up my newspaper. I was searching for it on the floor. Oh! I forgot their tradition it is on the water between the bushes.

Next to that I saw a motor bike covered in its cover. I lifted the cover and found the bike looked like it hasn’t been on water since the day of purchase. I was wondering what this cover is going to save this bike from. Sigh!

And I see a kid on the next door was beaten hard by his father for being a bad kid. I asked did he smoke. He said No. I asked did he consume alcohol. He said no. What did he do then to tell him he is bad? He had failed in exam. The guy who sits next to him is such a good kid and got “A” grade and I want him to be just like him. I left with a note Uncle seriously? You have a serious problem and you are really bad.

and he was like 🙄

So my Sunday begun, There I see the religious people passing on comment. You have not gone to church, God hate such kids don’t be a bad kid and go to church. I was like what? Is god going to hate me for doing my work and having one day sleep an extra hour?

And there my wife is asking me to buy country chicken and country eggs. I asked what country?….. something was flying towards me from the kitchen. Just miss! Or it would’ve kissed my forehead.

there she is😜

Weird people aren’t they?

Have a good day😉🤗


22 thoughts on “Weird People

  1. 😂😂 the last Gif ! Your wife is so happy hahha
    Great examples you give about weird and actually sick and judgmental society! Loved the Gifs as well 😁 always loved Christopher Reeve as Superman and was sad after his incident!
    Thanks you for sharing these experiences with us and if someone will be offended it’s their problem 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Huguette ✨🙂 Glad u enjoyed the post 😉 Yes u actually got the message✨👏 Sick and judgemental society ✨ U read that too… Sad story 🙄… Thanks for the huge support ✨🤗🙂✍️ Have a good day ✨👍

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  3. You made me laugh with this one. Thank you. What you said reminded me of things I do and say especially the last part about country chicken and egg. That too is something I would say back. I do enjoy a good “smart” remark. That usually ends with others rolling their eyes. Oh how I do enjoy that.

    Liked by 1 person

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