Life Lesson – Vers 6 – Time

Hi Everyone!

Today i would like to pen about “Thanks for your time” You could’ve seen this in most of my comments, right?

Time, i’ve written about time before. But why do i thank for time? most time?

I’m taking this big supporting blogging community as an example.

We write some random thoughts, and someone from somewhere without expecting anything in return read our blog and comment on it by investing their time for us. What do they get? Nothing! and we do the same.

On the time of reading our posts and comment their thoughts take for an example a fast reader takes minimum 3-5 minutes to read a blog and spend 1-2 minutes commenting on it.

Taking the maximum figure someone from some part of this world spending 7 minutes for our one medium sized post.

On that 7 minutes they could’ve called their mom or dad or any of their loved ones and can speak for 7 minutes share their feelings show their love.

On that 7 minutes they could’ve cooked a 2 min noodles or a tea or maybe a coffee and suprise their best half and could’ve had a beautiful peptalk for some 4 minutes.

On that 7 minutes they could’ve helped someone to cross the road, or be some kind of help, or maybe they couldve discovered a revolutionary invention.

Okay, I know i’m wasting your time too much now.

In Life,

This is not just 7 minutes, any time any one your love or your friend or someone you dont like is taking their effort to meet you and talk with you for good or call you for any reason, respect their time, acknowledge, Say Thanks for your time, or a simple Thank you as a sign of respecting their investement. Because Time is once lost, we 100% sure not hit by a lighting and we are not Flash to reverse and messup with timeline. Hope you get it.


Time for family is a duty, Time to others for good is an act of kindness.

So spend your time kindly with lot of love🥰

Thanks for your time✨🙂

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10 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Vers 6 – Time

  1. Very good point dear Simon 😊 too bad not so many agreed even though it’s so important and it’s true! Time is very important indeed and I always thank my readers for their time and I mean it from all my heart 👍😊

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  2. Very true! I use to thanks my dear followers for their time spent reading my posts and commenting too 😊
    I feel is so kind of them! Thank you Simon for your time too 😊 I always appreciate it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Ribanna✨🤗 Glad you got the concept. Yes, Timenis a serious business and people must handle with care and acknowledge when someone spend their time for us ✨☺️ Thanks for the time and kind words ✨😉✍️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sweetest post I’ve read all week. 😍
    I most of the time spend more than that reading and commenting a post, but hey it’s worth it if I had fun, but seeing a thanks warm my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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