Curse of the Witch – Part 4

Sara is now shocked with the figure she is looking at it is dark and it is now looking at her, looks like old woman watching her all the time as she keeps moving forward with the car on the other side of the road.

Zahir responding “Yes Madame! How may I help you?” Sara replied “Look at her” Zahir now “Look at what, who?”

Sara shockingly turns back to Zahir “Can’t you see her? Stop the car NOW!” Zahir stops the car he looks at the window he sees nothing and he started laughing.

Sara is now staring at him seriously and angry; Zahir looks at her “okay okay sorry, I only see a dead mosquito on the window.
Zahir replied “I think you are over imagining things Sara you must need a deep rest” Sara looks at the window and she wipes the dead mosquito and she still see her.

Annoyed Sara simply said “Stop laughing and drop me home” She thinks and reminds herself repeatedly “I should not get panic if I do people around me will surely tag me and send me to a psychiatrist”.

Zahir dropper her at home, She started walking inside the door without talking with Zahir. Zahir was watching her from the car she quickly entered the house and slam the door is closed.

Sara after slamming the door she quickly refreshes herself and dressed up in one of her hand me downs and went to kitchen to have a glass of water, before she have it she saw a black figure outside the window.

Panic Sara quickly ran back into ber bedroom and jumped on bed and covered herself with cover. She tried to relax herself but she couldnt. Now she is now looking at her phone swiping her social feeds, after a while she looks at time and is now exactly 1 pm.

She is feeling hungry. Before that she feels like having a good sleep to reduce the stress of the events happening on the day. In a moment she dozed off.

Sara is sleeping deep she turns towards her right on the bed covering herself with bed sheet, she smells something she opens her eyes to find a red eyes and a dark face, she quickly rose up to find nothing and it’s dark. Thinking she slept too much she quickly tries to get up but to find herself locked on bed, now she couldnt move herself.

A light top of her head lit up, now she could see around her it’s full of black. The bed corners she found something keep on moving fast looks like worms.

She tried to calm her down closing her eyes and to realize this supposed to be a dream. Sara is breathing heavily looking left and right and screaming for “Help me!” but no one is there to help at the empty house.

She finds something creepy crawling on to her stomach, she manage to find there is a large centipede biting her hard she is screaming No No No No NOOOOO!!! but the centipede kept penetrating inside her stomach, one by one that keep on climbing and going inside her Sara is screaming no at the whole scene she feels nausea and about to vomit looking at the creepy scene.

An old man appeared all of a sudden above her; she started crying now and pleaded “Please… pls… crying now… please help me”.

The old man transformed into a giant black oily figure spread it over her face like a dry black towel gasping for air struggling Sara’s eyes were going up when she is about to doze off.

Sara is now in a dark room standing in her hand me down, she is looking here and there but to find only the old man with a walking stick and a brown coat with a brown hat standing in the corner of a lamp post.

She quicly ran towards the old man repeating herself in mind “God take me out of this weird dream soon”….

Sara reaches the lamp post and asked “Excuse me…”

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Happy reading ✨🤗✍️


19 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Part 4

  1. Omg. Now I am scared. It’s really going good. Is the girl schizophrenic? Or what you said about black magic at the beginning? I will have to wait I think.
    Well done!😃

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  2. I’m immune to horror! Hahaha 😀 Yaay! No that was not a dream. It’s a nightmare! I’m sorry I’m growing cold, I can’t seem to feel sorry for her. I wonder why 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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